Sunday, 4 March 2007

Bloke Talk

I took the kids to gymnastics yesterday. I have noticed that Saturdays seem to be Dads turn to take kids to their activities, since sports halls and the like are teeming with them - its a good thing. Nevertheless, I got stuck sitting with a group of thirty-something guys, which I thought would be an interesting change, for me.

So what enlightening discussion did they choose to part take in? Why, technology of course, and the focus of this blokey deep and meaningful was none other than the fascinating world of high definition television, or "Hi-Def", for groovers, hip enough to give a toss.

Every aspect of Hi-Def was discussed, although I can't recall verbatim, since my eyes glazed over with sheer boredom after approximately two minutes. I am a total technology-ignoramus, but I don't lose any sleep over the fact.

My ears did flare open at one astonishing claim by the group's unofficial Hi-Def expert. He was cautioning a wannabe hi-deffer about his up-coming purchase of a hi-def TV, warning him, not all the channels are hi-def yet, and (apparently) once you have gotten used to the wonder that is the Hi-Def experience, you just won't want to go back.

Others in the group nodded knowingly, but the wannabe simply shrugged and said "Oh", clearly undeterred by this news; the Hi-Def telly still claiming poll position on his priority purchases e-list.

The Hi-Def expert, attempting to highlight the revolutionary nature of Hi-Def and make sure EVERYONE knew he was one of the haves of the Hi-Def technology world, then made the claim that he "will scan all the channels, preferring to watch a hi-def program" over the washed out inferior stuff that only the ignorant will persist with - otherwise known as "regular television". I almost piped up and said, "of all the excuses to watch Oprah and The Gilmore Girls. Now that has to take the cake", but another guy intervened to ask the resident expert whether hi-def was available in a wireless format. I don't know what his answer was, my eyes had already glazed over and my hearing had all but seized up.

I guess the blokey tech talk was slightly more sophisticated than my experience with a bunch of women discussing their bowel movements - perhaps I am moving up in the world of social interactions after all.


shishyboo said...

ah boys! it's always a case of mine is better than yours isn't it?

jeanie said...

Isn't it funny about blokes and technology - odds are half of them really had no idea wtf they were talking about either!!

Once when I worked in a male dominated industry, I was advised by a director that I would have to learn to "drink with the boys" - and frankly, that was as exciting a concept as discussing hdtv...

But then, I never really knew that the bowel motion discussion would be on my agenda either!!

(lol word verification - oktip)

Catherine said...

I can relate. The blokes in my neck of the woods want to talk about farming and football. YAAAWWWWN.

Bowel movements are MUCH more interesting conversation fodder if you ask me. :)