Friday, 2 March 2007


Boy, have we ever run the gauntlet of atmospheric emotion, this week.

The beginning of the week was so bright and cheerful, one could have sworn it were mid-spring. Today though - sheesh - you may as well have plonked me in a snow globe and told me it were home. The scene looked like the Gods had forgotten to take the Kleenex out of their pockets before doing the washing, and were now giving their clothing a damn good shake out.

Today's snow was a complete surprise to me. I headed out the door on the way to pre-school, and concluded that the temperature was rather nippy. Thankfully, I felt inclined to bind each child in great wads of clothing, because I was in need of a long walk.

I wasted a bit of time in a store that was having an incredible clothing sale - jeans, no kidding $7.50!...I found NOTHING. I never have any luck at sales. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I was surprised to find a Bananas in Pyjamas book for 50 cents though. That is an Aussie kids show, so God only knows why the book was selling in Canada, I haven't seen it here...which might explain why it was selling on the jumble table for 50 cents.......(After looking it up on Bananas in Pyjamas on Wikpedia, I have learnt that "Banana's" are played in the States. So there you go, learning something new everyday).

Once I emerged from the store, the snow was falling thick and fast. Worried about my little girl swathed in jackets and gloves, but wearing only thin trousers, I decided to head home. The council trucks were on patrol assessing the situation - which is a bit premature for them. Normally they don't bother to scan our street until two weeks after the fact, when the entire community has taken to wearing ice skates and a helmet and the kids have declared a coo over the roads, pushing hockey pucks up and down the slippery streets.

Only then, well after the proverbial horse has bolted, do council workers bother to start sprinkling a minuscule smattering of salt over the road. It doesn't have much effect, especially since McDonald puts more salt on their fries, than the council seems capable of parting with, for the sake of drivers on the road. Then, just as the snow has all but melted away, the snow plows move in, normally some tiny ride-on mower looking thing.

You would think our street would qualify for urgent ploughing, since we have a pre-school, sports field and a large car park on our street, which seems to be reserved for local hoons to practice doing iced donuts and truck skating - but never mind.

Apparently it is supposed to be getting warm for the weekend (10 degrees). I hope so. I think I am over the whole snow thing for this year.


monkeyinabox said...

You figured out the secret to winter driving. Never toss your old McDonalds fries. Keep them in a bag in the back seat and when you get stuck in the snow, spread them out under your tires.

Soon enough you'll be singing "I'm loving it" as you drive off.

Kimberly said...

I just love the way you craft sentences...what fabulous images you create. Your prose reads like poetry at times.

Kathleen said...

What a surprise! It didn't carry down here....we're back to rain. Warm rain, tho. It's been a long winter.....

scribbit said...

Your blog reminds me of one of my favorites, Mental Tesserae, who posts art and ties it into her life. I love it.

strauss said...

Monkey, I won't take your advice - we have enough of a seagull problem around here as it is.... I thought your car smelled a bit funky;)

Kathleen, "warm rain" oh, that sounds just lovely.

Kimberley and Scribbit, thank you for the wonderful comments, you are so kind. I will have to check of Mental Tesserae.

Catherine said...

"The scene looked like the Gods had forgotten to take the Kleenex out of their pockets before doing the washing, and were now giving their clothing a damn good shake out."

You truly are a poet, Strauss.

And I'm SOOO over the snow thing as well.