Monday, 25 June 2007

Playing Pomp and Circumstance

The Graduate:

No I am not talking about the movie, we actually have one in our midst - a pre-school graduate, that is.

A couple of weeks back the kids in Mister's class were photographed in graduate cap and gown. Today, with just the class picnic to be had, parents and relatives of graduates were treated to specially prepared songs and shenanigans; a prelude to watching our little rascals receiving their graduate "diplomas". In Australia, I had to slog through 4 years of university before being honoured with such ceremony and officialities by the academic world. Even in high school we were lucky if we received a boot in the arse as we exited those hallowed halls for the final time - I remember my high school certificate came in the mail. Elementary school was capped off with a year 7 "disco". All I can remember about that was perfecting my wall flower impersonation to a tee; a skill that has served me well in life, ever since. I never went to pre-school or kindergarten; straight into grade 1 yeah....28 years I had to wait for my first graduate moment.

Getting back to Mister's big day, the kids entered the room to the dreary tones of "Pomp and Circumstance" while balancing hand-made, and rather ill fitting, cardboard graduate caps on their heads, shuffling in, determined and concentrating, in the hope that they not be the one whose hat topples off in front of everybody.

We parents and relatives listened to renditions of "baby bumble bee" and "good bye my Friends", in both English and French, and then the "diplomas" were passed out along with a laminated class-page; a double sided piece of paper which consisted of self-portraits of each kid in the class, and their names scrawled underneath. Nice touch.

They had obviously practiced the routine a couple of times, because every child was very well behaved and stood patiently for the individual glory moment in receiving their diploma.

After all the goodies had been handed out, the teacher gave a little spiel before announcing morning tea. At this point the kids were starting to get a little restless, and began pretending they were pirates; their rolled up diplomas suddenly doubling as telescopes (eye eye Cap'n). It was all pretty cute; Mister was positively beaming, as all the kids seem to, when the parents are allowed to attend for a special reason. The graduation for them was a good thing. Finishing pre-school is a little rite passage for them, as we all begin to ready ourselves for "the big school" and the accompanying complexities and issues which face our older children as the years roll on.

Missy Mopps starts the three's class in September, so I didn't really feel like we were letting go of anything major with the graduation ceremony, and I don't really think Mister understands that pre-school is over for him now, but it was still a little sad to think that these kids, most of whom Mister has spent the past two years, will all be going their separate ways. A couple of them will start at the elementary school with Mister; the rest though, we are never likely to see again, especially after November when we return to Australia. I guess that is just life, but the loss of sapling friendships is also the high price of moving away.


Tracey said...

Gosh, very cute. Never anything like that in my day, hey.. though of course I was deprived and never got to go to preschool!
I love the bit about the diplomas becoming telescopes!

shishyboo said...

what a nice way to celebrate the end of preschool for the kids and pump up their confidence.

Brissiemum2 said...

Very cute and very sad to think that it's coming to an end. Wait till 'big school' just all starts all over again. And I'm with took me years at primary school, high school and uni before I ever got to wear the cap and gown!