Thursday, 28 June 2007


I have gone and done it now. I have signed up for one of those learn to run clinics at the Running Room. Last night was the first night. I was a little worried about it at first, which is why I didn't happen to mention it before now. I have always been a hopeless runner, but after this first session I think I know why.

This first session was such an easy initiation into it - 1 minute run then 2 minutes walk x 6, that I can see the erring of my previous ways. No wonder I could barely make it to the corner of the block before passing out in an exercise asthma induced heaving fest, which, upon recovery, would then see me dragging my sorry arse back home to hide my runners in the closet, in a place I hoped never to see them EVER again.

The gentle approach is definitely a stroke for the ole confidence, and I am actually looking forward to next week. Running seems to be a much bigger deal in Canada or at least Vancouver, than it seemed to be in Adelaide; there are runners speciality stores all over the place here, and they all appear to offer some kind of running clinic or classes. These clinics are relatively inexpensive too, which is such a breath of fresh air after the heady high prices of my seldom used, and therefore guilt inducing, previous gym memberships.

The session I went to last night was FREEeeeeee; perfect for a tight wad like me. I even met a woman called Elaina there, and we got to talking ..... oooooohhhhh socialising! How totally against my nature (no eye rolling permitted).

The Learn To Run Clinic was actually a lot of fun - wasn't expecting that. Next week we are doing 1 minute run 1 minute walk X 10.

With all this activity and the inspiration I am getting from it, I am a little concerned that I will lose some momentum when going back to Australia. I have mentioned that I have already contacted a Race Walking Group in Adelaide, but I have also just now, seen that there is also a Road Runners Club there too. I am pretty excited about this new fitness thing in my life. I can barely believe it, but....I AM RUNNING!

**UPDATE: I just had a thought, there is a 1km kids run for the HBC Run for Canada. I asked Ashely if he would like to go in that with the kids while I do the 3km walk. It now appears we will all be doing the HBC on Sunday. Mister LOVES running. I'll see if I can muster a photo this time.


monkeyinabox said...

Running.. hmmmm.. Sounds like you should watch Forrest Gump.

strauss said...

Ha Ha. "Run, Fore-est, R-hun!" I wish, Monkey.

Tracey said...

A running clinic! What a fantastic thing! Good on you for getting in and doing that... especially when it would be so easy to be 'winding down' before you come back to Oz.

Really impressed!!

Elizabeth said...

Clinics in my area of Ontario too. Running seems to have caught on and there seems to be a run for something just about every weekend.

I think you did a smart thing. You don't just put on shoes and run. Easiest way to hurt yourself.

Go you!

Kathleen said...

Good for you, girl! I think the weather in this part of the country makes running more "doable" 100 degree weather to contend with...maybe that helps the popularity.
Is the clinic going to cover a section on running attire? Just asking......(with a grin)

strauss said...

No fear, I am definitely on teh road to getting this slugglish thing I call a body, into gear, and now that I have started I really don't want to have to start all over again.
I think the clinic idea is simple, but also really great too.
Kathleen, they probably are doing a spiel about "attire", that is clothing and shoes are the mainstay of these running shops. I did purchase a sample pair of good runners for $70, but the price of the clothing they sell, is unjustifiable to me. I am going by the live and learn philosophy and heading fo the nearest superstore!Sad but true :)