Sunday, 24 June 2007

The 5km

I did the Scotiabank 5km today. Sorry Scotty - no photo. I did get Ashley to take one before the race, but it was an utter shocker, I would have gotten him to take one after the race but......

It absolutely bucketed down the entire race. I arrived at the race just as the half marathon winner, Kenyan Patrick Nthiwa, was maneuvering toward the finish line. He took top billing in atrocious conditions; winning in just 63 minutes. What I was most impressed with was the guy's finish; he was sprinting toward the finish at a pace that would definitely leave the majority of us in his dust over a 100 metre distance, except this guy had already run over 21kms -an inspiration indeed.

Me, well, I turned up a novice, and I LOOKED like a bloody novice. Let me explain....

I decided to rig myself out in my comfy tracky daks; the ones that are floppy and probably at least a size too big, but at least they make me feel "hidden".

Upon my arrival, there was still 30 minutes before the 5km was due to start, so I stood by in the rain, to watch the early marathon finishers come in; it was already bucketing down.

After 5 minutes of that, I decided to do what the sane people were doing, and stand under a big tree to keep dry. For some reason it seemed wetter under there, but reason was telling me that this fact had to be impossible despite the river that seemed to be travelling down my water proof jacket and trickling down the front of my top - so I stayed there.

When the race finally got under way, I set about to get into my walking action. I think that lasted about 500 meters before I felt the pressure to run - it just seemed silly to be walking so early in a race while all these people were passing me, not that I could seriously see myself running the entire 5km - I haven't before. I think I ran about 1.5kms and fast walked the rest. I really should have stuck to my guns, been disciplined and fast walked the whole thing to test out my consistency in that style, but oh well. Next week I have the HBC 3km Walk, so I can have another go then.

The unfortunate thing about my race was, you guessed it, my attire. This time it wasn't my shoes. This time it was my reassuring comfy, floppy tracky daks. In the down pour, they soon became utterly drenched and heavy. The water weight locked within the fabric caused them to drag down with every step I made, to the point where I feared the "hidden" might suddenly become exposed in the most public and embarrassing of ways. I was literally wringing out my pants as I was marching along. Eventually I got the idea of hitching my pants up and tucking the stretched sodden fabric into my NOT a good look, but at least I could then get back to concentrating on the walking technique. In the end I ran the final 500 and crossed the line 44 minutes after I started. Oh well. At least I finished. At least I have a time to beat for next time...and there WILL be a next time.

There was no after race photo because of the rain; Ashley and the kids stayed in the car and waited for me, rather than stand out there enduring the elements, and I didn't stick around after the race either- I needed to get out of those damn clothes ASAP.

Predictably, the sun came out as we drove home, and around 2pm it was so warm we could even shed the fleecy jackets - it IS summer after all! Although an electrical storm just passed through and it has been showering intermittently ever since - funny old day really. I did score the all important souvenir racers t-shirt, which I can and will flaunt at every available opportunity. No one needs to know it took me 44 minutes now, do they?


jeanie said...

Well, apart from the internet, that is Strauss!!

And on the next one, you have a handy-dandy t-shirt to look like a pro - hmm, and maybe some more suitable camouflage pants.

I am still very impressed - that you entered, you followed through and you finished - there are millions out here who haven't even done that first step.

Good on you - congratulations!

shishyboo said...

well done chicky!

Muse said...

Wow, I would have peeked at the weather conditions, and used that as my escape route.

Well done! Was it cold or just wet?

According to monkey, its all about the tshirt, so wear it with pride. Glad to see you have another one lined up.

Go Girl!

Kathleen said...

Oh, my goodness! You brave, silly girl. KUDOS for sticking with it and finishing the race! But I'd give a lot for a photo of you with your soggy pants tucked into your undies. I will be chuckling all day.

Elizabeth said...

Well Done.

I'm really sorry there aren't photos. (yes I sort of/did laughed at your predicament )

Tracey said...

You've been there, done that, got the T-shirt! Good for you, especially for sticking it out in the rain. Re the tracky daks? - well, you live and learn. I understand the 'cover-up' imperative - next time shorts and a pair of thermal pants underneath?
Or with the bare legs, you'll fly!

strauss said...

Thanks everyone for the support. I am such a whimp, as I am sore today (pathetic really).
I was extremely embarrassed by the daggy pants thing, so there are DEFINATELY no photos, sorry to disappoint :)