Monday, 9 April 2007

I don't look good in lycra

May I be among the first to reign in the post-Easter guilt insanity, by announcing that I have just signed up with CURVES for Women. How predictable! Surprise BLOODY surprise.

On the back of inspirators, like Tracey and Kimberly, I think it is time; time for a new regime, a fresh, more positive outlook; a new MEEEeeeeee.

I wonder how long my newly found enthusiasm for energetic things will last? 5, perhaps 10 minutes? Golly, I do indeed disappoint myself with my good intentions, lofty and fanciful expectations and gung-ho idealism. I do tend to go into such fitness ventures with all the gusto of the newly inspired and then....I don't know, immediate results do not present themselves, and so I lose interest, become disenchanted and give up, thus returning to my far more productive and successful, sedentary lifestyle. sigh.
I am fully aware that it takes time and effort, and also perhaps, JUST as one is on the verge of giving up, the break through appears, but I sabotage my efforts in a zillion different ways on a daily basis, so why is this time going to be any different? Honestly? I have no idea.
I have been doing the Nordic Walking thing, but strangely, I am not getting the results I had expected from it. I am planning to persist with that group on Tuesdays, since it is a group thing, and I think I respond well to group motivation , and it is a little social, unlike going to the gym for an aerobic session (which, quite frankly, bores me shitless), but I also need something Curves has been chosen, as "it".

"So. What made you pick up the phone and, of all days", asked my perky recruiter.
"Well yesterday you were shut, Mate." (ok, smart arse).

No seriously, a couple of friends recommended Curves to me, and since there is facility very close to my house, well...why not. Furthermore, the workouts are only 30 minutes, so I hardly think I will have time to get bored before it is time to leave (although stranger things have happened). It is also kind of like a group thing, in that the staff are right all in all, it seemed like a good idea... at the time. I hope to go three times a week; as they suggest. I have been weighed and measured (results being all to horrifying to reveal or admit to), so I will hopefully be able to see my progress over the coming months (....Oh God! Months....).

So, like the Nordic Walking, I am posting this for all to see, so you might once again, hold me accountable and bear witness to my reluctant and resigned, yet necessary steps, down fitness lane.


Tracey said...

OK, I'll hold you accountable!! We will be a Mutual Inspiration Society! (Actually, after an Easter where on top of sneaking chocolates I've been sooking over a bloated tummy (and cramps) due to an evil attack of 'that time of the month', I am needing some inspiration to get back into it.. an inspiration you have just provided! So go you!

Don't be too hard on yourself re the Nordic walking.. once a week wouldn't be enough to give you any significant weight loss (like my twice a week swimming), but it will be building up your core fitness. All good, all good!

Now that I've been doing these weights I'm a big fan - I think they really help tone you, and apparently it helps with your metabolism, so I reckon that Curves will be good for you in that way!

Keep us posted!

Susan Abraham said...

Oh Strauss, a ticklish read. :-)
I don't look good in lycra too.
I have yet read The Coorong.

Tracey said...

PS. Another thought. Don't even think about the measurements - who cares what you are at the moment - the only use for those numbers is for a reference point later. Now, they serve no purpose - you don't want or need to compare them to anybody or anything.

shishyboo said...

go Strauss!
I have a Curves 5 minutes walk from my house, from the glimpses I've had as I've walked past to my daughter's child care centre, it looks like it's all circuit based. That means there's definitely no time to get bored!
My dream is to have a treadmill in front of the tv so I can exercise whilst watching. Does this make me a bad person? Maybe just inherently lazy, truly I can't help myself.
I admire you for getting out there and giving it a go, you're streets (streaks?) ahead of me! And I promise to always cheer for you (albeit from the sidelines)

strauss said...

Thanks - you people are so lovely.
Thanks Tracey for the measurement tips, I will keep them only as a reference against myself.

scribbit said...

You're a crack up. Love the picture, love your cheekiness.

Kathleen said...

I LOVED going to Curves. I went a good year and a half and enjoyed every minute of it. Laurie and I started together, and she went off to Australia one winter and didn't start up again. Since I then had to do it on my own....and drive into town every day to do it...I started slacking off. Then I had the thyroid cancer to deal with, and that laid me low for several months, and I never went back. But I miss it. It was great fun, I saw results, the strength training is a very good thing for women, and it was very social. I felt so good while I was going there. I need to do it again. I am HOPING they will open one in Montesano, since I am there three times a week or more for other things, and it wouldn't mean extra driving. I know, I know...excuses, excuses.

Elizabeth said...

Apparently I look better even if the scales don't respond the way I would like and I certainly FEEL better since starting at the gym.

I like getting out of the house and I like the female company.

Love the photo. This year I might just get into a bathing suit. Maybe.


Kimberly said...

Yay for you!

And here's my top unsolicited advice:

1) Water. 3-4 litres a day.
2) Pedometer - count those steps baby!
3) Non-food rewards. i.e. I get my ipod when I hit my first goal. Only ten pounds to go!

And I second the measurements idea wholeheartedly. Makes a huuuuge difference. Good luck!

Catherine said...

You are so very, very entertaining, Strauss. I can't wait to hear how it works out!

ps... I don't look good in lycra, either. I'd be curious to know what percentage of the human population does, though. ;)