Tuesday, 6 February 2007

computer stupid

I am not very computer smart. I don't know what I am doing MOST of the time. I even frustrate myself; I am that cyber-thick.

I love an easy program, easy software; computering that is so straight forward that an ape could figure it out, but sometimes even the programs For Dummies glitch...and then I am stuffed!

I wrote a new poem, and for the past couple of days I have been trying to link it under the Burnt Offerings title on my side bar here, but it won't save. I just keep getting an error message.

The effort involved is wasting my time and I don't know why this error message keeps obstructing the task at hand -it is doing my head in - hence the image to the left.

Well I am going to post the darn thing in long form for Poetry Thursday anyway. So you've been warned, and you can have a laugh at my expense, if nothing else.

If you write poetry or just enjoy reading poetry, check out Poetry Thursday. I have never submitted anything to it before, but have been watching and reading Poetry Thursday for a little while. It offers wirting ideas, promotes the love of poetry and enables poets and poetry lovers to connect- it is a good thing.


Kathleen said...

Maybe the problem is with blogger...and not you. I have no idea how to do all the things you do in your posts...links, and such. It's all Greek to me. I don't understand much of it...and have no one to show or explain. I learn on my own. And not well lately!

jeanie said...

I keep meaning to do Poetry Thursday myself, but another "next week" thing. I have just commented on your poem by the way - it was wonderful!!! (but then, I have your poetry blog on my bookmarks)

Kathleen said...

Okay...I am convinced the problem is with blogger. It took me 8 tries to post a comment...I kept typing in those stupid letters, and it kept telling me I was wrong. I WASN'T!@@!#!! Maybe it didn't like my previous comment.

strauss said...

Thanks Jeanie, that means alot coming for you - your poetry is sublime!
Kathleen, I have trouble with "the letters" too - Grrrr. If it didn't waard off the spam comments I woudl take it off, but I hate spam, so it stays.