Tuesday, 6 February 2007


Ashley is in Halifax for a couple of days. Travel is one of the perks of his job.

He doesn't travel all that often these days - but that is largely his choice. Since the kids have been on the scene, he has felt less motivation to hit the road, and I appreciate his nightly support.

He used to work away two weeks on, two weeks off, which wasn't all that bad really. A few times he has worked away for 6 weeks at a time, and perhaps once or twice, he has been away for 8 weeks. At least he is not a soldier.

I must say, while I am stuck at home with the kids doing the same ole same ole, I find myself feeling somewhat envious at his fortune to escape from the everyday once in a while, and see the world. I am also often left feeling like a total ignoramus after one of his expeditions, for I wish to know of his accounts first hand; see with my own eyes, smell with my own nose, let my prsence linger in the place of exploration a little longer, while letting a country or a region's presence impress upon me, and change me from the experience I had with it, in it and through its culture, people and moments.

I know Halifax is only on the other side of Canada, but I haven't been there before. I would love to. I am told that Nova Scotia is beautiful, although the weather in Halifax was suppose to be minus 12 or something today.

I can't help feeling left behind when he announces a forth-coming adventure. I can become quite snippy about it all... like he is rubbing my face in it. He knows I love to travel.

He went to Brazil in October. Holland last November. Norway in February last year. He is going to Nigeria in March, and has the opportunity of going to France in May, and Scotland in December - and these are just the opportunties I know about.

I can't really complain, I have been here and there, but I would love to accompany him on some of his trips - not all the time, perhaps just once or twice a year....it is a cost issue.

At least we all receive good gifts when he returns from a jaunt, but frankly, I would rather the experience....for that is what life is really all about....experience and memories.


shishyboo said...

oh to travel...

just a dream for us at the moment, too many day to day commitments

...one day

Tracey said...

I kind of know what you mean. Marc has to go overseas a bit for his work. Mostly it's Asia, and having been an exchange student in Indonesia for a year, I am not particularly envious of that. Though he does get out in the countryside a bit more.

His company did pay for me to go with him once, to KL for a week, but it was so boring. I had to amuse myself for something like 12 hours a day... I never agitated to do that again.

The longest he has been gone was 3 months - to China. That was difficult. It was only made slightly easier by the fact that that particular stint was tax free (over 90 days.) I don't know that it was worth it though.

I know what you mean by not only missing their company at home, but also missing out on the shared experience of seeing the world. I feel like our relationship has been ripped off somehow.

And he's never ever going to be allowed to forget the time he sent me a text message from some gondola on some canal in southern China - I got it right when I was cleaning vomit up off the floor!

strauss said...

Hmmm I can well relate to that last bit too.
Ashley rang me while he was atop some Fjord in Norway, taking in this supposedly breathtaking view - I was minding a lazy and moody relative while she loafed around our house while on work experience.
But he did admit that the expereince was somewhat diminished in solitude - that is what I love abotu travel, the shared experience. BC (before children, I was lucky enough to accompany him on a trip to France and the UK, I had to entertain myself - but I LOVED it, then we did stuff together on the weekends.

Kathleen said...

Oh, I feel for you!! To know that hubby is traveling the world while you are home with the kiddos, missing out on adventures, and having to keep the home fires burning all by yourself. Does it help that he doesn't bring home exciting photos of the places he's been (remembering all the fab pics he brought home from Brazil.....NOT!)? Maybe that's a good thing. I'm sympathetic.