Tuesday, 17 July 2007

What's your flavour?

Over the weekend a friend introduced us to a Vancouver icon - La Casa!

La Casa, for those poor souls, who, like us prior to last weekend, are completely unaware of this local marvel, is a gelato parlour that boasts 218 flavours , can you believe that?

We turned up late on Saturday afternoon, and the place was packed. La Casa Gelato is positioned at 1033Venables Street in East Vancouver, not a noted touristy destination, but people know about it.

La Casa Gelato is made on the premises, with the establishment supplying many of the local restaurants around town. La Casa is perhaps not the place to go if you have trouble making up your mind, although the free samples of varieties inspiring the curiosity certainly help in that regard; there are also a number of "cone" options as well.

So what did we opt for? I had raspberry cheesecake, Mister had Mint Choc Chip, Ashley had the the old tried and true- double chocolate chip, Missy Mopps had electric blue Cotton Candy, much of which was worn down her chin and the front of her brand new dress; our friend however, went for something more exotic, "Death by Mango" and white, something weird (sorry I forget what the other flavour was).
I wish I had the chance to take my Grandpa to this place; his eyes would have glazed over at the thought.

Verdict: damn good gelato! Will try to remember to visit there a dozen times before we leave town.


shishyboo said...

love the idea of so many flavours to choose from but I always go back to my favourites: cookie dough or choc peanut butter (baskins flavours but I'm sure la casa would have something similar)
Here in WA they have a local ice creamery, Simmo's with bizarre flavours, worst I saw was liquorice.
Fun to visit though, hmmmm now I feel like icecream

Kathleen said...

Oh, yum. I've been wanting to try some gelato ever since seeing the Today Show's feature on "GROM"...an Italian gelato company that has opened it's first American store in NYC. http://www.grom.it/eng/index.htm
Theirs sounded absolutely fabulous...with fresh fruity flavors, nuts, chocolate. Oh man....

strauss said...

Well come on over Kathleen, I would love to treat you.
You are only just over that line on the map ;)

Tori said...

Oh, the flavors must read like poetry...yum, worth every bite!!!!

Scribbit said...

Whenever we go to Cold Stone I can't pass up their French vanilla with macadamia, cinnamon, honey and caramel. To die for.

Brissiemum2 said...

Oh yum! I am a sucker for sweet stuff! At Cold Rock, I always order cookie dough and chocolate! Yummo! But that is ice-cream. Do they do that in gelato???

strauss said...

Yummo Scribbit, I am with you! That combination sounds awesome.

strauss said...

Brissiemum, these gelato taste like ice cream. There were various combinations of cookie dough, chocolate flavours for all tastes, but not a Cold Rock kind of thing. They also had Sorbetto mmmm!