Monday, 2 July 2007


I did the HBC Run for Canada 3km Walk yesterday. I don't know...there is something about lining up to a start line, stomach filled with butterflies, excitement and anticipation building, readying oneself for the GO signal, only to set out for a.... walk. It seems almost as silly as competing in a staring contest or a thumb war - really. A walking race just doesn't seem serious enough. Scold me for saying that if you like, I don't mind.

I positioned myself at the front of the start line, and steamed away when given the go ahead. Soon I found myself way out in front, and I felt really self conscious - Is that not the most insane thing you have heard today?

I haven't ever been comfortable in the lime light or exposed in anyway, give me a dark corner to hide in any day. If I were to come back as an animal, I would probably end up being a chameleon - blending perfectly into the scenery.

Anyway, it didn't rain yesterday - Canada Day - It was perfect weather really, so I have no excuse about not providing a dreaded God Awful photo this time, except I HATE having my photo taken!!!! Here is my 3km medal - hee hee!

By the way, I came third, don't know exactly how many people took part, but it was fun anyway. I finished in 24 minutes, which is slow, so I have something to aim for now. I am going to try for a 5km run next time, and leave the walk races until I am in Australia...unless there is another race walking to do before then.

Ashley and the kids enjoyed the 1km race, and they gave every participant a t-shirt and a finishers medal. There were free cupcakes, water and balloons for the kids, it was a great way to spend Canada Day, and raise money for Canadian Olympic Athletes too, which was the whole point of the run.


Muse said...

Wow, you rock! This blog is so interesting, and to see you use your new fitness regime in a fun and constructive way is very inspiring. I know I am not the only one who is cheering you on in cyber space.

strauss said...

Thanks Mate, I really appreciate that :)

Kathleen said...

I think it's pretty awesome that you are out there running...and even placing...with not a whole lot of "practice" behind you. You must be "natural born." Good on ya!

Elizabeth said...

Clap clap clap

Like your medal but seeing a big grin above it would have been nice.

Tracey said...

Go you! I love it! And you and my middle daughter must be related, because she is so not into the limelight as well. I could imagine her freaking out just like you!

Good on the rest of the family for getting involved too!

Catherine said...

Congratulations to you!!!! You are an inspiration.

P.S. If I ever came back as an animal, I've always said I'd probably be a bear. The idea of sleeping through the winter appeals to me like nothing else.

jeanie said...

Wow - well done Strauss!!

ps - you have to love today's word verification: sgqgqt - I want to use it in a sentence!

Scribbit said...

Congratulations on the accomplishment. I should follow such a good example and do some running myself.

Pip said...

Well done for coming third! You can't have been that slow... imagine how fast you might have gone had there been other people around you to prevent you from feeling so self-conscious!