Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Yay me!

I had my first reality check (my phrase not theirs), this morning at Curves. I knew I was feeling so much better for going. I also believed that I was beginning to feel more toned, and my clothes weren't as tight, so I wasn't all that fussed about whether or not I had lost weight, even though I was aware of how terribly unfit I was, but as Tracey gently reminded me, "muscle weighs more than fat", so with that important mantra ringing in my ears, I walked into Curves this morning, with my head held high, for I knew I hadn't missed a yet.

I must admit though, I did actually have my fingers crossed that my body fat percentage might go down. I scored in the "poor" range at my sign up measurement; a reality that brought back humiliating high school memories of being forced to stand in line to be submitted to the dreadful "skinfold pinch test" by some insensitive physical education teacher, who then boisterously insinuated that one was a bit on the lardy side - shudder. Truly, that practice should be outlawed, it was not like anything more was done about it; the chubby ones weren't immediately told to drop and give them 20, nor were we sidelined and given a pep talk about diet and exercise, nor enrolled in a special hard slog fatties program, rather we were only given a brow beating and a tsk tsk'ed as we shuffled away with our tails between our legs.

Well, horror stories aside, I was given a reprieve this month, because I lost 4 pounds (2kgs), 5 inches (dunno the conversion) and reduced my body fat percentage by 2.1% - whoo hoo, go me! The body fat reduction saw me receive a Curves t-shirt as a reward. It was a pretty cool feeling, and other Curves devotees were congratulating me on my effort. What a great start to the day; kind of makes me regret eating those 6 chocolate chip cookies yesterday - oops.

The result encourages me to keep going, and to even see about doing a bit more. Maybe I can take a leaf out of Tracey's book and add a swim once a week for something different...although I do have some ghastly memories of when I attempted that form of exercise last time LOL. I guess I am a bit fitter this time around and not as idealistic, we'll see.

Realistically speaking, I think I should probably reap more benefits if I do take a more concerted effort with the ole diet. I don't think 6 chocolate chip cookies is good for anyone really. Do you?


shishyboo said...

gimme an S
gimme a T
gimme an R
gimme an A
gimme a U
gimme an S
gimme another S


well done chicky ;)

jeanie said...

Well done!!!

Nah - 6 choc chips cookies is prolly no good - the fact that you stopped at 6 is even better.

BTW - I have a case of Girl Guide Biscuits to move, so if you want to drop in to Paradise we can find ways to put those awesome inches back on.

Kathleen said...

Well done, indeed! Good job. And the best part's fun.
And chocolate is now a recommended part of one's daily diet, so no guilt there. (I actually am a cookie-holic, so I do my best to not even have them in the house)

Tracey said...

Fan-bloody-tastic!! Go you! I'm so proud of you!!! 5 inches is awesome! I have the same problems with eating chocolate and cookies and I've fallen off the wagon a bit there .. so you have now inspired ME to hop back on.

More snogging, less chocolate maybe? There's a way of getting our other halves to support us!!

Tracey said...

(Sorry, you'll only 'get' that last line if you read

monkeyinabox said...


However, next time you feel like snacking, remember, just have some DUST.


strauss said...

Thanks everyone for your support, I really appreciate it.
I hear you Kathleen, cookies are hard to beat...although there is chocolate....
GG cookies are nice indeed, but I will probably give them a miss this time around Jeanie - thanks for the offer ;)
I expect to "fall off the wagon" alot Tracey.
Thanks Monkey, I appreciate the excuse I can now make in not cleaning the house, although licking the dusty furniture could then be constitutued for cleaning couldn' it(where is that eye rolling icon when you need it).

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

Congratulations! well done

split ends said...

Awesome post to read--go you! I've struggled with my weight off and on through life, and I really respect people who decide to get healthy... and then do the work to get there!

I also hate that skin-pinch fat-test thing. I was a freshman in college when my physical fitness coach called me in front of our class of thirty or so students. He didn't even explain what he was going to do, he just said he needed someone to demonstrate for the class how he was going to measure how in shape we were as we started class. Then he pulled up my shirt and started taking measurements while the whole class watched and snickered.

Sorry for the looooong comment--you triggered a memory I had repressed for quite a while! Keep up the good work.