Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Poetry Thursday - Its a Free Day

This is my contribution for Poetry Thursday for this week. There was no particular theme this week. Instead we were invited to share any poem we liked.
The sunlight strains through a dust stained window
Speckled in last spring’s dried raindrops
Bruised shadows fan the entirety of a compromised chamber
Not radiant, not luminous, not exactly dull, but – gentle and subdued
They flicker as the sunlight plays with the stirring foliage outside
Like shadow puppets behind a calico screen
I could cleanse the tainted glass;
Lift the burden from its smattered lens
The light would then flood blindingly, naturally, dazzlingly
But I have become accustomed to the bruised shadows,
And they trouble you not-
Those gentle bruised shadows that dance for me.

© Strauss
10th June 2006


jeanie said...

That was beautiful, Strauss.

Crafty Green Poet said...

there is something magical about dusty bruised light like this you describe.

Beaman said...

'Speckled in last spring’s dried raindrops'

This is my favourite line. That's quite an image! Nicely written piece.

Scotty said...

I like that last line, Strauss,

Those gentle bruised shadows that dance for me.


Sasha said...

Hi Strauss, I like the way you highlight the choices we all make NOT to cleanse the glass. That has me thinking this morning.

Pauline said...

Almost a prose poem - it has an effective cadence that matches the subject matter well.

Rob Kistner said...

"bruised shadows" -- very captivating image. Nice write Strauss!

--and so it goes--

get zapped said...

What an interesting concept, bruised shadows, never occurred to me, but now I cannot forget them. Profound. Thanks for sharing!

gautami tripathy said...

Beautuful imagery. There are some great lines in there.

Regina Clare Jane said...

I agree- the imagery is just beautiful here...

Marie said...

Yes, your imagery is amazing...
This week, I believe I have been visited in this manner. Your imagery is beautiful...the picture adds to your words.

I love visiting here...

Rethabile said...

Melodious. Even the unwashed window sounds good. LOL. Like the shadows it describes, your poem is "gentle and subdued," but there.