Tuesday, 8 May 2007

gobbledy goop

A few months ago I wrote this. I now believe I understand what that was all about, although perhaps these lurkings of the mind may be something of the more sinister kind. I don't mean to be mysterious, it is probably just me being overly sensitive...it wouldn't be the first time. I promise I will let you know the details if and when they come to pass...but don't hold your breath.

Life really can change in a day, and I know, most of us can't really predict the exact details of the future, but even still, I find myself sitting in the present moment feeling quite uneasy.

A wise person would probably let go of this feeling of great anticipation and dread, for what will be, will inevitably be, and nothing can be done about it, but I really do hate surprises. I like to be prepared, although I am also very aware that it is that which we are ill prepared for; those surprising moments, that are brought to us as gifts of change. These are our evolutionary moments..... at this sudden thought, I find my metaphorical tail suddenly wags, even if it is only ever so slightly.

I "stumbled upon" this today...makes you think.

Picture: "Fate Plays a Hand" by Gerry Charm


Tracey said...

Do you think this feeling you have could be related to the thoughts of moving back to Australia? Despite the fact that it is home, it is all still the unknown....and you aren't quite sure what is in store....

That link was pretty cool.

Jay said...

If life isn't making you think, you're doing it wrong. It's full of twists and turns and if we could predict them, life wouldn't be what it is.

Muse said...

I find that it is only in hindsight that we see that a 'day' changed our lives. We often don't recognize that moment for what it was until it has passed. I am not sure if we even anticipate it.