Sunday, 7 January 2007


Do you ever get the feeling that you are on the cusp of something?

Most of the time we fail to analyse this "feeling" too much. But we feel...something, and with great anticipation, the nervous energy surging through our veins... builds.

Have you ever observed a dog who has to sit still while his owner retrieves the leash prior to a walk? The dog seems to know what is to come. He knows that it has to be better than the narrow confines and boring predictability of his daily drudge, but he can not make his owner retrieve the leash any quicker, and he would probably be scolded for voicing his impatience, thus diminishing the sweetness in attaining his wish to be set free...however fleeting the moment. So he sits...kind of...practically quaking with excitement and wanting with the thought of being let out, into what and to do what? Who cares... it is just a different scene, an opportunity, and he has faith in the protection of his master.

I'm feeling a little bit of that may pass without a whimper, it may not.


Catch said...

Anticipation is good. At least to get excited about something as opposed to people who do not get excited about anything! I get excited all the time...I get excited over something coming in the mail I wasnt expecting, new babies, puppies....anything! I thinkits a good way to be.

Thank you for visiting my blog amd commenting. You want your house to be like grand central station huh? lol...give it a few will be! lol

strauss said...

I careful what you wish for, but I really do!!!!