Monday, 23 April 2007

Fitness Update

Since I made the grand announcement, the other week, about getting fit and joining Curves, I have been rather secretive and silent about the whole thing...that would normally indicate I had done bugger all about it, and was hoping you might all forget that I ever mentioned it...yeah.

Considering the low opinion I have of myself, that is exactly why I didn't mention it before now, but surprise, surprise, I have actually kept up my deal with the devil (the devil being me) and have attended Curves regularly and diligently over the past two weeks.

The first week, I attended four times in a week. The second week, I attended three times and added a Nordic Walk venture to the mix, since it was the first week of the Spring sessions.

And you know, I am starting to feel the benefits. I can feel that this exercise thing is doing me some good - not Lycra good (we may never get to that point), but good all the same. The exercise is even helping my mood. I feel like I am kind of clawing my way out of the dark and dreary doldrums. There is even a spring in my step, and an absence of "the snarly grump" (also me).

Imagine if I saw this thing through until November and even beyon. How much better perpared might I feel, when the dark abyss of winter begins to cast is gloomy shadow over the landscape? O-Oh, I can feel some hopes getting up a little too high, some unrealistic expectations creeping in ...I better get back into my box now and pretend I haven't noticed the changes...

I will present another update in two weeks.


Tracey said...

Go you!

What say we both promise to keep up this three-four day a week exercise thing till November?

I'm like you.. I *think* the exercise is helping my mood... but then I have ups and downs and I wonder.

Even if it doesn't, it's got to be good for your health.

Kimberly said...

Yay you! Mental -and- physical health? What a pay off. =)

Kathleen said...

Excellent! Exercise totally improves your mood and sense of well-being (all those endorphins)...the more you do, the better you feel. Just what the doctors, etc. have been telling us for years. You inspire me to THINK about beginning again. Lord knows I NEED to.

jeanie said...

Well done, Strauss, and I am really glad the endorphins are paying off!

strauss said...

Thanks guys, yes Jeanie, the endorphins that Tarcey keeps talking about, and which I thought were just a myth, are actually being felt.
Tracey. I would love to be exercise buddies with you - how cool...3 to four times a week until November (at least)? You are on. Do you want to join us Kathleen?

shishyboo said...

well done chicky
keep chipping away