Wednesday, 25 April 2007

A bit of a turn off

The kids annoyed me so much the other night that I had to go for a swift walk to the local Star Bucks to let off steam and brood for about a half and hour, before I felt up to facing the troops again.

It was really just a plain old power struggle and attempt in boundary pushing. For the one millionth time, Mister and Missy Mopps decided to turn out their toys on the ground, only to walk away two minutes later, with a pile of discarded rubble scattered around.

I struggled to get them to clean it up, and the effort involved tired me out, so this time I gave them an ultimatum: clean it up or no TV for a week - they called my there has been no TV this week.

Actually, they have been surprisingly great about it. They have only asked to watch the box once, and when I said no, they were very accepting, shrugged their shoulders and went off and did something else. We have done a few other things this week; together things, made cookies, iced cookies, painted an assortment of pictures, played more, drove bikes, sorted through junk, generally tidied up and even went to the dentist. We have all been in better moods even. I must say, I am rather impressed.

We might have to make this a permanent arrangement in our lives....well, at least in a much more limited capacity...this was a positive move, for all I think. Though I haven't had much time to write this week, I have had fun with the kids.

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shishyboo said...

sadly it wouldn't be my daughter who would truly suffer if there were no tv in our household, tv addict that i am.

i admire your strength in staying true to your decision.