Thursday, 15 February 2007

Poetry Thursday: two. The prose poem

This weeks Poetry Thursday prompt was to tackle the prose poem. I must admit, I have never written one before, and I am not entirely convinced that I have even now, as I nervously extend my finger to press publish, but what the be the judge.

The Tulle Cloaked Bride - a Prose Poem
A ghostly apparition of I, drifting within the now familiar fog. Her gauzy veil silhouettes a softened landscape, leaving a world of vague shapes, lingering like enigmatic shadows.
Conifers spire toward the heavens, like renaissance towers shrouded in the lost world above.
Tiny birds bolt from nearby cedars; feathered darts shooting through her tranquil haze.
I breathe this crisp dawn enchantress, knowing her to disappear with the heat of the day. I know not when she might return, to slink across my lawn with dewy steps, lick my eaves and caress the naked branches with a thousand gentle tears.
Tomorrow the rains are set to lavish these whisper-soothed lands, like an insistent groom ravishing his tulle cloaked bride. The fog, she will succumb.

© Strauss
12th February 2007


DewyKnickers said...

Sounds great to me. :) I'm not one for rules and structure and I think this is a great poem. It's so expressive, I can see and hear her.

Thanks for stopping by.



Waspgoddess said...

It's beautiful. The choice of words are lovely and the effect is quite celestial, otherworldly.

Thank you for your sweet words on my body image entry. I bow in gratitude and hope to see you soon again.

Ps. I used to live in Canada, spent four years in Toronto and four on Vancouver Island. Not sure where you are, but give my greetings to her nonetheless.

Oh, and I hope your boy is doing better :)

ecm said...

I think this is a prose poem (in my vast experience of having written one prose poem!) The imagery is so strong...I liked the dark tones in this poem about a bride.

Regina Clare Jane said...

This is very descriptive... I can feel the moistness of the "tulle cloaked bride" as she slinks her way around...
Really wonderful- and very sensual.

twilightspider said...

This is wonderful. It feels almost whispered, like you're telling it just before dawn when the fog is the thickest. You've definitely got a prose poem going here. This is my favorite bit:

"slink across my lawn with dewy steps, lick my eaves and caress the naked branches with a thousand gentle tears."

split ends said...

I'm in agreement with the other commenters--this is great, in a mysterious, ethereal way. Fabulous images, and a great mix of beauty and sadness.

pepektheassassin said...

Delightful! This is a lovely word-picture. And it DOES feel whispered....

gautami tripathy said...

I do think it qualifies with all that images and word paintings. I loved it.

You too can chk my post, Ambrosial.I
would welcome critical comments for this prompt.

Norma said...

You've captured the feel and look of fog--gauzy veil leaving behind vague shapes. You've also allowed a peek at a deeper meaning and repeated some nice images--conifers spire, renaissance towers (do you live near Detroit?), feathered darts. Nice work!

Catherine said...

This was so lyrical! Unbelievably gorgeous. The title is enough to draw the reader in.

I'm glad you hit the publish button.:)

strauss said...

Thank you Catherine. As always, you are so kind to me. Bless you.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful. Lyrical. Totally captivating. An awesome job....again!