Saturday, 17 February 2007

An innocent Eff Word

My daughter is nearly three. Her speech is coming along quite well, but today an utterance emerged from her sweet little cherry mouth; one I didn't expect to hear - The Eff-word.

"WHAT did you say!" I spluttered as we were driving along.

"*uck", she repeated, without flinching, she was looking out the car window.

I followed her gaze. OHHHHHH! "Truck!" sigh of relief, "yes, a truck. Can you say truck?"




"Listen to me, T-R-uck. Can you say that?"

"T-R-*uck", she giggled, repeating it continuously.

"We really need to work on that word, Missy Mopps".


"Well, the way you say "truck" sounds like something else".


"A bad word"



"Lets stop saying that now. We'll work on it later."

"Ok, Mummy".

Then today, we were in Dairy Queen....

"Look! *uck!", she yells out pointing to a truck outside.

A whiplash of head turn our way.

Where can I hide?

"Missy Mopps, look at me", I whisper.

"Can you say T?"


"Good. Can you say R?"


Great. Can you say Uck?"


"Excellent. Now put 'em together. T-R- Uck"


"Now Truck"



Thank God for that.


shishyboo said...

thank goodness it was simply mispronounciation.

my little one's speech is coming along ever so slowly but there will come a day when she pops out with a beauty... ny guess is that it will be sh*t.

we try VERY hard not to utter it at home but we can't stop others

Tracey said...

Oh dear! That's kind of hilarious .. and mortifying all at the same time! Our eldest had trouble with saying 'c'.. she'd say a 't' instead (so she would tell people her name was Tait.. when it was Cait...) My husband worked and worked on her.. much like you with the 'truck'. All you can do.. and you have a much greater imperative to get her to get it right!!

I won't tell you when my eldest executed her first "sh*t". (ok I will...) she was riding this little plastic car around the house, and got herself into a dead end in the laundry, and, out it came. Just like me in the parking lot that day. *embarrassed look*

Heather said...

Oh Dear, you gave me a giggle. That is so cute. Why did you have to fix it before I got there? Hmmmm... Good to see you are writing away. I have a lot to catch up on.

CYA Soon!

Kimberly said...

We haven't had the moment with our Emma yet...I'm dreading it, because I know I'll slip up and giggle and she'll think it's funny and do it repeatedly for weeks on end. You ever feel yourself spiralling towards the inevitable?