Monday, 26 February 2007

paper work

I don't think we are noted for being particularly disorganised, but we have kind of left our application for permanent residency in Canada, to the last minute.

It takes a good 12 months to get that sort of thing signed sealed and delivered, so with just over a month until our two years in Canada anniversary, we thought we had better get a move on.

It is not that we are umming and ahhhing about staying in Canada, it is just all that exhausting paper work.

Neither one of us likes doing paper work - yawnsville. We have already gone over the same million questions when we applied for our temporary status, so the thought of re-doing it all over again puts us into a state of near unconsciousness.

We have attempted to undertake the task several times before and have filled in bits and pieces of the book load of paper, but have never actually gotten around to completing it. It is all just so BORING.

Today it HAD to be done, so last night we sat down and supplied all the obscure and useless answers to all aspects of our thrilling personal life. Today we went Downtown to the International Fingerprinting Service of Canada to have a set of our prints taken off. Then it was down to get a set of immigration photos for the four of us. It was all relatively painless (except for the money dolled out for each service), so now I guess we must hand it over to the Gods and wait for the process to play out. Ho Hum.


shishyboo said...

do you think you will ever come back to Australia to live?

strauss said...

It is definitely on the cards, perhaps in about 3 years, depending on how things pan out.

Catherine said...

I feel for you. I'm a procrastintor when it comes to paperwork as well...

You all sure traveled to the opposite end of the world, didn't you? That couldn't have been easy.