Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Fashion tips for blokes

Bloke is Aussie for man....just so you know.

Last week we took my friend and her new bloke out for dinner at a local restaurant. For whatever reason, my friend and her new man starting talking amongst themselves. I wasn't paying any attention to what they were saying, until my friend turns to me and asks, in a tone that was pleading for support and reason. Her Question? What was my opinion about men wearing white socks with black dress pants.

The couple were definitely at odds with the answer to this befuddling of questions and conflict makers, as there appears to be a camp of blokes who seem to have passed down to their sons, the belief that it is the done thing to match your socks and shirt....at least that was my husband's argument many years ago, when I was merely the girlfriend of my beloved.

So to answer my friend's burning man-socks etiquette question, I had only one thing to offer, and it was the same as I blurted to my beloved sixteen years ago:


Oh man, I could hardly contain myself. I turned into a pool of unrestrained giggling stupidity...I do apologise, but please.....unless you are planning on drawing attention to your moonwalking feet - don't wear white socks with black dress pants.


shishyboo said...

you're ab-sol-lute-ly right, white socks and black pants are very BAD (who's bad?)

but there also seems to be a lot of guys these days who wear black socks with their white sandshoes / sneakers and shorts. what's all that about?

strauss said...

Ha! Loved the Michael Jackson reference.

Yes I know what you mean about that, and I happened to pre-warn the guy in question, chucking in a freebie for good presumptious measure, telling him black socks and white sneakers signalled "AFL Footy umpire". Dear Me!

jeanie said...

What I can't understand is why they were having a blue over it in the first place - if you have to look at men's socks they should be either camouflaged or folded neatly in their sock drawers, IMO!!! The only barneys I have ever entered into regarding men's socks are if near the dirty clothes basket is good enough, and whether left in the boots at the back steps should be considered a personal insult...

Tracey said...


love the analogies. Michael Jackson AND AFL umpires .. in the one topic. (you might need to explain the latter - as well as 'blokes'!!)

Indeed- can't believe the bloke needed to ask!!

strauss said...

Oh, they weren't arguing about it- just having a discussion about the dos and don'ts of sock wear in Australia. I am not sure what sparked the sock debate in the first place: I didn't ask, I was too busy trying to compose myself through rude snorts of laughter - dear me.
Socks left in boots...Ewwww.

Catherine said...

That's the best piece of advice I've heard all day. Second best, actually. The first came from my son who said, "Don't wear that shirt, Mommy. I can see your bra."