Monday, 11 December 2006

social butterfly

I had a bit of a social weekend.
I did have three social occasions in the mix, but a sick child meant the cancellation of one. Never mind, we can always re-schedule.
I went to a friend's house for a lovely lunch on Friday. I chatted with my friend as the kids played, it was so nice to do that. We discussed needs and pains, and we vowed that we would support each other in our apparent isolation as full-time migrant mothers, and gift each other with some unprompted, unannounced "time out". We both agreed that it is so hard to ask for help, and overcome that guilty feeling that we are burdening someone else with what should entirely be our own responsibility.
So, I would like to kick it off soon, to show my commitment to what we had discussed. I think one of us just has to bite the proverbial bullet and make the first deposit into the "favour bank" or it may never happen.
The evening was spent entertaining a fellow Aussie who was in town for a couple of nights only.
He and Ashley had worked together in Australia, although I had never had the pleasure of meeting him prior to Friday; not that he hadn't already made his impression on me...which was annoying, basically. He is a bit of a ditherer, who panics about all aspects of decision making and responsibility. He is the kind of person who will ring at 6am with a burning - can't wait until a civilized hour - question. The itch, that is his query or point of contention, must simply be relieved then and there, and any consideration for other peoples lives or their need for sleep, must seem inconsequential in relation to the discomfort his worry must be causing him. For it could be the wee small hours of the morning, the middle of the night, minutes after Ashley's plane has touched the tarmac after weeks of working along side this bloke, Christmas day lunch, Sunday church, your best friends wedding...who cares - everything else palls in comparison to his apparent emergency! ...sigh.
This bloke resides in a different state, which is why I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting him before, but I had picked up the phone to his abrupt demand to speak with Ashley - pronto..."Ashley there"! There would be no hello, no small talk...BLOODY RUDE and I hoped he could feel the agitation in my reply as I bit down on my own tongue to prevent me from spitting at him, "How about a HELLO and a PLEASE shit-for-brains?" But Ashley would always try to sooth this guys pains like a mother hen tending to her chicks, so I figured if he could put up with this guys constant and often needless and over-exaggerated panic attacks, then the least I could do was be civil and pass the phone over quietly. So when, last week, I was informed that this guy was in town and would be coming over for dinner. I was a bit blazae - "Oh HIM.... I suppose".
I actually love entertaining. I hate cooking as a general day to day rule. But I do enjoy making a bit effort when the need arises and make something special. I enjoy more, the talk and discussion after the beware all who dare venture over for a couple of nights in February...I expect CONVERSATION....and chocolate! That was a JOKE.
Anyway, I met the guy. He didn't look ANYTHING like the man I had conjured up in my mind. He was polite and didn't talk obsessively about work, like I had been warned that he would do. He had done some house renos of his own, so he was interested to see and hear what we had achieved. He wanted to hear what life is like over here in Canada, since he is contemplating taking a job over here. He was also fascinated by the snow and wanted to see photos of what it was like after last months deluge. Like us, he had never experienced snow. He even confessed that he needs to pull on a sweater when the mercury plummets to a foul 17 degrees...that IS Celsius people (North American eye rolls permitted).
Well, at the completion of the night I must say, I enjoyed myself. Perhaps I was just happy to hear a familiar accent, or perhaps it was the joy of having someone over, and discussing life matters with another human being. Regardless, I had a good time and if ever he is in town, he is welcome to visit us again - anytime. As for the bleary eyed rummage in the dark for the phone, well that is another matter entirely!

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