Tuesday, 12 December 2006


Ashley and I had been talking about it for months ... okay years...well, it is not like we have not taken action over that time - we have, moments in between were just a little fleeting, that's all. I am talking about the cutting down of desserts. In fact all sweets in general. We love 'em.
Many an evening, when the kids are safely in bed asleep, or out of ear shot, we have broken out a block of chocolate to go with a hot cup of coffee, or delved into a fine selection of hand chosen delectables to compliment the odd glass of red wine or champers...Mmmmmm.......
We are terrible really, and it had been getting WAY out of hand. So, it was time to do the responsible, honourable, the mature...the only right thing, and sever the source of addictive joy. "So what?" I hear you say, "a little chocolate is supposed to be good for you. It is FULL of antioxidants and .... ummm...stuff". Yes, I believe that study commissioned by Cadbury's did only suggest...a little chocolate. Unlike my parents, who seem to have the will-power of the enlightened, and ration themselves to ONE chocolate an evening, Ashley and I are incapable of eating "a little" chocolate. In fact, we more likely to ration ourselves to one BLOCK of chocolate an evening. You see the problem here folks?
Well over the course of the past month or so, we have scaled back the consumption. At first I only bought a limited chocolate supply, and then no chocolate supply and now I haven't any form of processed, pre-packaged sweets in the house at all. If we want some, we have to drive all the way to the store in the cold and dark to buy it, or I have to go to the effort and bake something, which isn't all that bad an idea really. But of course, Ashley and I thank dearly and kindly, all the blessed souls who sent chocolates for my recent birthday...they went down mighty fine. What? I didn't say we wouldn't eat chocolate IF it happened to somehow come into our possession. I was simply saying that I was limiting the on tap supply - the readiness of its access. Chocolate should not be considered a staple like bread and milk...well, not by us anyway, for the chocolate would likely disappear before the first slice of bread were even buttered.
So what gain have we in limiting some of life's simple pleasures..."where is the joy in such cruel dull restriction". Well, I can sleep better not having had a belly full of caffeine laden delights and that has a flow on effect that makes the angels sing...beautiful restful sleep - Arrrhhh! The downside is that I have been a little cranky this week, without the usual buoying effect of that afternoon sugar prop, that that will pass. Although, having said that, today I went to the neighbours house to welcome the new baby girl - Ella Samantha ..... and they just so happened to be giving their well wishers Purdy's chocolate mint meltie cigars.... Mmmm oh my, does chocolate ever soothe the deprived souls of savage beasts - yes indeed.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... "I can't live without chocolate - Ashley" was taking the no chocolate challenge very well indeed. On Sunday however, all was revealed. He had a work emergency over the weekend and since Alex loves going to Ashley's work, we all trotted off to the office to hang out while Ashley did his thang. I noticed the office assistant's office across from Ashley's and I also noticed the large box of Purdy's on top of her desk....I had to divert me eyes and bite down hard on my lip, but I kept walking.
After a couple of hours we emerged from the office ready for home, when Ashley volunteers information about the box of chocolates...
"Want a chocolate?" he asks.
"Won't Phoebe notice some are missing?" I question.
"Well, they ARE for us?" says Ashley unconscious of the cul-de-sac he has just walked into.
"What do you mean - US?" I ponder bemused.
"The whole department. We can take one whenever we like", says Ashley confidently removing the lid of the chocolate box.
"Really", I respond hesitantly, "well, there aren't many left".
Now the clincher.....
"Na! There are another twenty boxes in the boss' office," says Ashley oblivious as where the conversation is leading.
"WHAT!!! You mean I am the only one living the no-chocolate thing. No wonder you have been so fine about it. And to think, here I was thinking...poor Ashley, having to go without his sweets," I roar full of accusation.
"err....ummmmm.......", says Ashley.
Much laughter followed.
And as for me "living the no chocolate thing", well....hardly! (hee hee).

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