Friday, 14 September 2007


The last couple of weeks have been incredibly busy.

Mister has started kindergarten and LOVES it. Missy Mopps has started pre-school and LOVES it. WIN!

We started the fall season of gymnastics; Mister chucked his seasonal hissy fit, running away and refusing to join in his group, protesting loudly and laying on the ground, like I am the most torturous mother on earth...which is ultimately what I ended up being. After about 10 minutes of his antics, I thought "Bugger this!" Got down to his level and muttered that we would be coming to these lessons every week for the next 10 weeks whether he liked it or not, so he had better get used to the idea because there is no way in hell he is getting out of gymnastics. And yeah...I have noticed that he only carries on like this while I am present so perhaps next week I will leave him and go and do something else for the hour, and come back at the end. Mafia style tactics prevailed and he eventually participated. Predictably he ended up loving it - like every other time (why me????) and can't wait for next week, because one of his friends ended up in his group. Missy Mopps on the other hand was champing at the bit for her lesson the same afternoon and had a great old time, minus the self-inflicted drama.

Speaking of Missy Mopps, I actually had a great day with the kids today. We are getting used to the new, frantic routine, but today turned out perfectly.

At present, it is still lovely weather out, so we have been making the most of these warm sunny days in dwindling supply and have spent most of this week outdoors.

While Mister was in kindergarten Missy rode her trike while I walked. Her trike is pretty cute. It has an umbrella top and a handle so I can push her when she gets tired (and to save my back). This trike pulls a lot of attention and she loves it. A little old lady was walking by when we were heading back from the park. The lady asked Missy if she would give her a drive home if she sat behind her on her bike. With a wide eyed nod of the head, Missy agreed to ride the lady home on her trike...melted that lady's heart she did. "Oh, you are sooooo cute", she crooned. She really is. My little missy mopps is so sweet.

Funny ting happened at the store today. We were walking along the pavement, heading toward the area where they keep the shopping carts. Along the way there is this great pile of dried bird crap - there must be a nest high in the rafters or something, because no other mounds of crap were visible. On the way back to the shop entrance, cart in hand, I notice a little boy, probably about 7 years old, standing, staring at this great pile of dried bird shit; he appeared totally mystified by the vast quantity of shit heaped on the ground. As I passed him by, he spoke, trance-like, as if speaking the private thoughts of his own mind, "did some bird die there or something", he questioned to no one in particular. I lost it - cracked up laughing. It sure did look like some one had blown the shit out of some bird.


Brissiemum2 said...

Rofl! I know what you mean. When I sit and watch my daughter's swimming lesson, I often see kids throwing huge fits over getting in the water. One of the instructors often tell the parents of these kids to 'go to the toilet' etc etc. It's amazing how the child then settles down.

Oh and ewwwwwww at the bird poop!!!

shishyboo said...

yep, my little one tried out the hissy fit thing before every dance class for a while. Talk about frustrating!

Tracey said...

I've had to deal with hissy fits over stuff like a fill-in swimming teacher. You'd never believe it of my Zoe now, but boy she could throw some wobblies. Little Ms Can't Handle Change. As I write this I realise how much she has matured in these last few years of school. She's up for anything... At school - public speaking? No worries. Lead role in class play? Absolutely. Tennis lesson as the only girl amongst all these boys? No worries. "If I can put up with the boys at school [and a couple in particular] I can put up with anything".

So I reckon that soon not only will he be enjoying kindergarten he'll be enjoying gymnastics!

I also reckon that in many situations the parents are better off leaving.. If it's a class, let the teacher get on with it.

Muse said...

Its good to see how you've settled into a routine this school year. I know the move will upset the applecart again, but look how far you've come there. Your kids are really growing up, and even with Mister he has come a LONG way. You have done a wonderful job with them.

Tori said...

I really enjoyed reading about your children. They sound absolutely delightful!

Scribbit said...

You can never understand children's issues can you? I had one who wigged out over swimming lessons.