Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Tinker Bell Movie Trailer

Mister has revealed his intended future vocation - I hope you have a large cup of coffee on hand, because he wants to be.... a vet (to farm animals and giraffes), a farmer, a car mechanic, a marine biologist, a fire fighter, a Dad AND a professional runner.

After his big reveal he paused, wondering, then asked "how can I do all that?" Indeed.
He is only five, and I am sure his list will change over time, but for humours sake, I suggested that he get Daddy to help him learn about cars, practice running now, start saving up to buy a farm, perhaps just a hobby farm. I told him he would have to go to uni to study to be a vet and maybe he might have to choose between land animals and marine life, but I guessed it might be possible to do both, and then he could be a volunteer fire fighter, because that takes quite a bit of training in itself. As for the father thing, I said he could be a Dad once he found the right girl (a loooong way off into the future) - phew! He thought all that was quite plausible and do-able - ha.

When I was 5, I remember the teacher asking each of us what we wanted to do when we grow up. The first girl to be asked said she wanted to be an air hostess; I think every girl then responded with the same answer. Man, I am 33 years old and I STILL don't know what I want to do when I "grow-up".

Missy Mopps is three. She wants to be Tinkerbell when she grow up.


Elizabeth said...

He's a wonder and so are you for your quick and perfect answers.

jeanie said...

Great answers - I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up either!!

Tracey said...


I'll see your 33 years, and raise you another 12 (come this Sunday). That's my line!!!

My youngest is the only one of my children who has ever said what she wants to do when she grows up. She is adamant that she wants to be a teacher. I blame her Kindergarten teacher for being so wonderful - she is still inspired to be like her, and it hasn't worn off after 3 years! She might just do it. And, in hindsight I can say it's not a bad job if you end up as a Mum too. Good hours.

shishyboo said...

haven't found my calling yet either (not counting being a mum, I like that job)
being Tinker Bell doesn't sound half bad

Kathleen said...

I'm always joking about what I'll be when I grow up. I'll turn 59 tomorrow...and I'm thinking I'd like to be Susan Sarandon when I grow up.
Oh,to be young like Mister and have a world of possibilities at your doorstep.