Friday, 31 August 2007

My happy place

Ok, we are officially sold. Yep. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD. So sold we broke out the champers. So sold the stager lady took back all her stuff (boo hoo).

For a week our humble abode lived up to its potential. Its inner beauty shone out to all the world and said - "this was what I was born to be". Now it is a mere skeleton of what it once was; a mish mash of unrelated objects, and a chasm of echoey space.

Hand over day is October 7. We have a back up plan to move into the skanky motel, if required. Otherwise I am feverishly scanning the postings at craigslist for a reasonably local sublet, short term lease, vacation house or furnished dwelling that allows pets: so far no luck. Just for the record, I will in fact consider it a minor miracle if I do find anything that suits - just being realistic.

Surprisingly we aren't at all panicked. We have plan B, so what could go wrong? The household items will go early; our financial commitment each month should be slightly less, and then we have a free week up our sleeves. We are thinking of using that week, not to pack up the house and have a minor nervous breakdown, but instead, to chuff off after the dogs leave; arrive a week earlier into LA and do the planned Disney trip BEFORE the American thanksgiving. Originally, we had stupidly planned our trip to the happiest place on earth, oblivious to the fact that Thanksgiving week was notorious for being the most crazy weekend of the entire year oops. We are thinking of checking out San Diego or San Fransisco over Thanksgiving week instead, though still leaving for Australia the same day as originally planned. Sounds like a plan to me, don't you think. Its Only the details once BACK in Australia that are entirely vague and sketchy, but then again, we have plenty of time to work through those issues once this debacle...I mean, well hashed plan are home and hosed.

Its a test of faith...remember.


shishyboo said...

everything is falling into place, finding suitable accommodation will too!
Disneyland sounds so good, how jealous am I?
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Brissiemum2 said...

Gee that was quick! Congratulations! Which part of Oz are you returning to??

strauss said...

Adelaide - thanks for asking :)

Thanks Shishy, yeah Disney should be good, we can't even imagine what it is going to be like.

Tracey said...

Fantastic news on the house sale. I now have fingers and toes crossed for exactly the right sort of accommodation to turn up just at the right time for you.. I can't believe it is all starting to happen. You'll be back here in Oz before you know it. Just a shame it's way over in SA ! Couldn't you move in round the corner from me?!!!

Elizabeth said...

You must have had the price right and the market figured. Nice fast sale. COngrats.

Expect Disney to be busy and expensive. But fun. Watch that the children don't get too tired out, it can be overwhelming. We went years ago to the one in Florida before we had S. and as adults got worn out. We bought a 2 day pass and took a rest day inbetween. Epcot hadn't even opened and we didn't see it all. Paul did the scary rides I did the kiddy ones.

Best advise I can give is...hats, lots of water, lots of patience with lines, sort out a plan before starting off checking the site plan for areas that you most want to visit. Food and drinks in the park can be very expensive but I don't think you can take in your own....worth a check first.

Some people will start at the far spots and work back to the gate hoping to avoid the crowds.

jeanie said...

Oooh - how excitement!!! And it sounds like you guys are so cool with your Plan B all worked out!

BTW - Jen from Semantically Driven is helping to organise a bloggers meetup in Adelaide on November 19 - link is - or her blog is

Good luck on getting the perfect accommodation solution if possible - else you guys sound set.

Oh - and may you also be blessed when you get back here with everything falling into place.

Tori said...

What an adventure. I applaud your positive spirit.