Friday, 22 June 2007

thoughts on a windy day

I am so caught up in planning and worrying about the future that I have quite forgotten to take notice of the now - no wonder I am in a creative funk.

I took the time to notice how the wind bends the tips of the poplars trees lining a neighbouring property- it was like a playful dance.

whispering sisters
share secrets in the breeze
poplars sway

© Strauss
22 June 2007


Regina Clare Jane said...

Oh, I so like this- the image of sisters whispering to each other fits perfectly! And the little picture is so sweet!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Your painting is wonderful, there is so much movement in there. Your haiku complements the picture perfectly.

Clay Lowe said...

I often get this same feel when I step into our back garden and a breeze picks and the trees start to chatter away.


split ends said...

I love this. You have done what I can never quite do when writing a haiku--use the last line to turn the reader's understanding of the first two. It may seem simple to others, but I think it's impressive! The subject is well-suited to haiku, as well. Very nice.

gautami tripathy said...

This seems like a perfect haiku!

Clare said...

I love poplar trees and I love your haiku, which has a wonderful breezy feeling. Very nice!