Sunday, 17 June 2007

Granville Island

It is official. We will be back standing on Aussie soil on the 26th November. There is much to do before then, and so much more to say goodbye to.

It was Fathers Day yesterday in North America, so we took Ashley out for the afternoon to Granville Island. For those who are not familiar, Granville is a great place to go, whether you are local or a tourist. If you are into the arts Granville is the where you might like to head. Granville Island is one of the venues hosting the International Jazz Festival, which is running over the next couple of weeks. Having said this, it seems there is always some kind of live music being played over there, no matter the time of year.
Granville is also considered a bit of an artist colony, with a variety of art studios, galleries and exhibits dotted all over the place. You can enjoy an array of good food on Granville, whether is be scouring the public markets for fresh produce, baked goods, delicious coffee and even some Granville Island brewed beer, or taking in a meal at one of the many restaurants and cafes scattered all over the island - there is literally something for everyone. There are plenty of nifty shops to peruse and there is even a kid's market, which houses a number of toys stores, an extensive puppet store, a large play gym and a cool gem store out back. They even cater for those among us whose children are of the four legged variety, with a place called Woofles and Meowz.

The aquabus can take you from English Bay to Granville Island in a matter of minutes, and the yachts lining the wharves provide a great boating atmosphere....oh and there is the tranquility of the water, swirling and lapping dockside...but that was a given, wasn't it? I really love it over at Granville. It has such a great laid back vibe; people are out to enjoy themselves and relax, and the misty mountain views make you just want to breathe in the scene or bottle it somehow, so you can take it in at some later stage, like a soothing tonic. These are among the things I will miss when we leave; the strong boating culture, the green colours, the water, the mountains, and the cool fresh air....sigh....a camera can only take you so far.


Brissiemum2 said...

Wow that looks so busy!

And back in Oz in November, huh? Have you started a countdown yet?

Scotty said...

WTG, Strauss, glad to hear you've got a date to work with.

Scribbit said...

Oh I'd love to visit!