Thursday, 31 May 2007

Poetry Thursday - Bird

This is my contribution for this weeks Poetry Thursday. I chose not to do the optional prompt task, which was "River". I had so many thoughts, ideas and memories about The river that flowed through my area, and rivers in general, that I found I could not properly harness my thoughts, but I did garner a number of ideas for regular blog posts instead, which I will get around to writing one of these days, and you never know, having gotten those stories out of my system, I might even come up with a river poem at some stage. Rather than contribute nothing, I thought I would share this poem, which I wrote a few months back after a quiet, reflective walk along the dikes near my home.

Eternal, rejuvenating flower.
Tight as a bud.
She blooms.
Wings outstretched;
Feathered petals,
Fanned and reaching.
A dance with natures breath,
Gliding, darting, diving;
Carried upon the wind,
Like spores of a thistle.
She swoops down,
Landing with grace.
Tight as a bud,
Once again.

© Strauss
19th January 2007


gautami tripathy said...

"Like spores of a thistle.
She swoops down,
Landing with grace"

I found a grace in this poem too. Very gliding for the senses. Enjoyed reading it.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I could see the movement of this bird really well, but being a birdwatcher I was trying to identify the species! Some sort of Humming bird?

Rob Kistner said...

Cool -- I saw the river immediately... :)

I liked this piece.

jeanie said...

That was really beautiful, Strauss.

pepektheassassin said...

Has a nice "one eternal round" feeling!

jim said...

Very clean, and intriguing to use one natural metaphor to parallel a natural object--we are so accustomed to projecting ourselves onto the natural world. Here, is the bird as a flower, and nothing more. It's so disciplined and respectful.

chicklegirl said...

I too loved the comparison between the bird and flower, both lovely, fragile, vibrant and alive.

Clockworkchris said...

Simply beautiful. Every word made me want to continue. I too am curious what the bird is, although I know nothing of birds. Nice job!

Catherine said...

I've tried to write about my river and have had the same problems. Although it's probably related to the fact that I've been in a writing funk lately.

But this poem is just so lovely, Strauss. The simplicity of your title somehow makes the ensuing words pop.