Thursday, 31 May 2007

On second thought......

I just woke up. It has been over 24 hours after my glittering performance at tuesday's boot camp, and I have discovered.....I have triceps.

Well, I always knew they were there... in theory anyway. Now, for the first time ummm ever, I can feel them. Ouch, I just scratched my head....typing hurts. Thankfully there are just a few isolated muscles that KILL, unlike the first time I ever played squash.

When Ashely and I played our first game of squash, neither of us were any good, but we got so into it that we played enthusiastically for over an hour. I could hardly move the following day; every possible bone in my body felt as if it was encased in thick steel springs like those used to make professional trampolines. I remember having to go to work the following day (and the rest of the days in that week) after our squash game; I was working as a baker at the time. I had to continually crouch down to get things and lift heavy trays...I had never felt such all over pain in my life - pain that I knew to be beneficial rather than one born out of injury...although I sure moved like an invalid, at the time.

Anyway, my triceps feel like that today...what a big wuss I am. I feel even moreso after reading Tracey's most recent entry! You really are amazing Trace.


Tracey said...

No way.. I'm not actually sore today, can you believe it. I would hazard a guess that you'd be feeling much worse after your boot camp stuff than I am... and I reckon I'd be feeling as bad!! That was some serious stuff you were doing!! I do know the muscle soreness you speak of... I got that a week or so ago when I couldn't squat down properly!!

But it's a good sore. Isn't it!

Kathleen said...

After that workout, I'm not at all surprised!