Sunday, 20 May 2007

naive enthusiasm

I was feeling a bit cocky the other morning; a bit over confident, let me explain.

I had a particularly good session at the Nordic Walking group earlier in the week. I had practically run the course; leaving the rest of my group in my dust. At one point I looked back to ensure I was still heading the right way, and they appeared to me as mere dots in the distance, trailing behind me. For all I knew they were screaming for me to "turn left" or "come back, we are going THIS way", they were too far for me to hear a word they might have been saying.

Walking doesn't really puff me out. Sure, my shins are feeling like they are on fire and my face has turned a colour to match the soles of my inflamed feet. Oh and there is all that sweat pouring from my face; enough to fill a small lake, but otherwise you wouldn't know I had exercised; I have plenty of breath to spare.

So I was starting to think.... perhaps I should step it up a notch. Perhaps I should have a bit of a go at the ole that I am super fit and all (HA HA HA HA).

So anyway, I got up Friday morning with the realistic notion of parking near Curves, so I could run back to the car after I was done.

I parked in a park nearby and walked the rest of the way, I was surprised how close that park actually was in the end, but reasoned that I would ace the run back and the ease of that experience would boost my confidence in a way that would encourage me to park further away next time, or even run ALL the way from my house.

So I did my usual work out, and after grabbing my keys from the basket on the front desk, I bounded out the door and sprang into an impressive gallop.

I think I was perhaps 45 seconds into the run when I began to dread the whole awful idea, and I remembered, all of a sudden, why I joined the Nordic Walk group and not any of the running options "the clinic" had to offer.

I think I made it back to the car in just over two minutes; heaving, nearly dying and vowing never to contemplate such a stupid idea EVER AGAIN.

Conclusion: I am terrible at running and.... quite hate it really.

Future research: Still considering a 10 km walk, weighing the options and assessing which might be right for me - will keep you posted.


Tracey said...

Learn to walk before you can run?!!

I think I feel the same way as you about running though. I so want to be able to do it, but my body isn't terribly keen, and punishes me in different ways.

If your joints, muscles and ligaments .. spine... (and whatever else can go wrong).. let you, why don't you build up to it gradually? Run, walk, run, walk.

Set your targets a bit lower, then build them up them gradually.

Go the 10km walk, I reckon!! You know you can do it!!!

jeanie said...

I have never been super keen on running, and as I have breasts that bounce exponetially with force and gravity, find it very uncomfortable.

My knees also have issues with such forms of exercise. And my shins, hips and mind!!

Good on you, though, for following through on your exercise resolve!

Muse said...

I can barely walk so I was rather impressed that you are building up the walking aspect. I agree though... everything must be gradual. Remember your first walking experience? If not... you wrote a good blog about it. ;)

You are doing great! Do the 10 km walk.