Thursday, 19 April 2007

Poetry Thursday - the one where I am too chicken

I am a reclusive type of person. In fact, it took me nearly 20 years to pluck up the courage and reveal my poems to anyone. While I present them here, at Poetry Thursday, I have only done so since Februray 2007. It was a daunting proposition, at first, but everyone has been so supportive in their commentary, that I feel gamer in sharing my writings, but to under take this weeks prompt was a little too much, too soon for me. Yep, I am a piker and I sincerely apologise.

Instead of this weeks totally optional idea, I have opted to share a poem I wrote earlier in the week, for the NaPoWriMo prompt "Bluff".

The Bluff
The Bluff stands tall;
Rising like an ancient warrior
From fertile coastal plains.
Proud and sturdy
Against the tumultuous sea.

The stoic Bluff;
Bearer of unrelenting lashings
Vicious attacks
From angry waters churning below
They strike hard against unyielding granite footings.

The south wind thrusts
Its merciless breath
Tousling squat grasses
And wild geraniums
Trembling in the scraping gale.

Summit yearnings
Require fortitude
But jubilation awaits the brave
And unsurpassed seascapes
Transfix initially reluctant ramblers.

Encounter Bay curves gently, to the east
A sandy beach hugs the coastline,
Like lemon frosting on a delectable cake;
The white teeth of broken waves
Bite hungrily into the shoreline.

With disciplined eyes
One can trace the edge of the world
Until far-flung sea mists
Blur the horizon
Blending land, sea and sky, into one.

There is nothing south of The Bluff
But a million miles of sea
And eventually ice.
The Bluff is enduring.
The Bluff stands tall.

© Strauss
14th April 2007


Crafty Green Poet said...

I can see the place you describe so clearly. I love the wind tousling the grasses.

Clockworkchris said...

excellent poem. I happened to use that word in a poem this week also, (bluff) but I didn't read the topics list. Your poem really took me to the place you describe.

Marie said...

Awesome! I really love your poetry. However, it may be too late for you to not blanket the world with your poetry because I shared the poem I wrote from your prompt "If you and I were inanimate things," and I linked it back to you....oooooopss...
It should be grand fun! The world is blessed with your words...

gautami tripathy said...

You indeed took us on a journey with your poem. Excellent use of words. Glad you are sharing your work with all of us. We look forward to more...

Regina Clare Jane said...

I feel as if I have been taken on a trip to Australia!
This poem was just lovely- rugged and wild, like The Bluff itself...

Jessica said...

lovely imagery -- is there really a place called encounter bay? sounds too good to be true. :)

Catherine said...

"...lemon frosting... delectable cake... white teeth... bite hungrily..."

Piker or not, Strauss, you've got a beautiful gift with words, and I'm so glad you share it with us piecemeal at a time, like the delicacies that they are.