Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Dust Clouds

This poem has been included as part of Poetry Thursday's NaPoWriMo April daily prompt - Yeild.

Dust Clouds

Dust clouds smother and choke the air
Lingering, frustrating, tormenting.
Neither blooming nor swirling;
They hover like thick plagues of locusts.

A wagon progression lays in wait,
Patient but increasingly despairing.
They know their harvest is spoiling in the dry heat,
But the winding road ahead, requires clarity.

Cultivated treasures once gleamed
with all the promise of earth's abundance.
Now, the grey shadows of decay threaten,
and tiny insects begin to swarm and infest.

The wagon riders are weary, dejected, defeated.
They know winter will soon be upon them,
And they will be without.
Their mere survival is now paramount.

But the dust clouds will not settle.

© Strauss


Rob Kistner said...

Frustrating image.

Jay said...

That's stifling just to read about. Well done.

Catherine said...

You know good poetry when you feel a little breathless as you read it!

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Strauss,
For some reason, I feel I'm in an old time period of Australia, reading this. Just a feeling! Your poetry goes right into the heart of the moment and the season of the moment you're writing on. A real gift. :-)