Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Poetry Thursday - Red

This weeks Poetry Thursday prompt was quite simply Red.

Coincidentally, I had written a "red" poem only two weeks ago, but didn't really connect with it. In fact it is still sitting in draft status somewhere on the Burnt Offerings back burner (pardon the pun). I guess my impromptu attempt was merely a practice.

Spike-heeled stilettos
roam the streets in wait.
Red Light District,
in the dark corners of the night.

Shiny leather boots
march defiantly as one.
The world's Red Armies
Unite the Communist front.

Winter pale toes
stomp the season's first fruit.
A silky red wine
born from luscious juice.

Bare Indigenous feet
dance The Brolga with precision.
Dry red dirt
swirling with the movement.

Dorothy's famed shoes
click at the heels.
Ruby Red slippers
Just want to go home.

Swollen ankles - mine,
throb from standing.
Red woollen socks
With a hole in the toe.

© Strauss
6th March 2007


Remiman said...

I like this, the way you've taken us to many corners to see the red which reveals itself to us.

Brian said...

I was all prepared after the first stanza, mentally in a space, and then the second stanza. Wow, jolted into a different space and then another. A great ride around the world and back home, mundane socks, with a hole.

Norma said...

I just about laughed out loud. Somber feet marching across the globe--and then back to reality. Great. I loved it.

DewyKnickers said...

Like the others so far, I really enjoyed the walk to different corners of the globe. Red means so many things, you have taken us there.

Thanks. :)



Crafty Green Poet said...

Excellent array of red shoes! I enojoyed reading this a lot!

writerwoman said...

This poem was like a vacation. I felt like I traveled to all those places you described. My favorite stanza is the first one.

leonie said...

i love reading what people have done with poetry thursday prompts and really love what you have written.

specially red socks with a hole in the toe. hee hee

pepektheassassin said...

LOTs of fun to read this! Good job.

Kimberly said...

Beautifully expressed...the progression flowed so perfectly. I was really drawn in by the imagery, which made the conclusion all the more amusing. Wonderfully done!

poetmama said...

I really enjoyed taking this global tour of Red. Nice images and I loved returning to the cozy red socks.

Emily said...

I love how this takes me all around the world and then back home again (sounds like some socks I own) :)

Kimberley McGill said...

Around the world in six stanzas! The last stanza is perfection.