Friday, 2 February 2007


Many don't know this about me, but I am a numerologist - please don't ask me to do a profile job for you. I have done a few here and there and have learnt to hate them - they take me ages to do and alot of energy- I don't enjoy them some much. I much prefer to analyse numbers based on single question or moment. I use the numbers as a theme and a guide. Each number has many meanings, I find that I have to get a feel for what is going on with a person, before I can interpret the correct meaning of any particular number - I am no psychic.

I did study numerology under a psychic however.
There was a small group of 6 devotees, with whom I studied. It was meant to be a little 6 week numerology course, but ended up extending for 6 months. I have found nothing like it since moving to BC - though I have tried.

It was great. I loved it, I became almost obsessed by it. I wanted to learn more and more and MORE. I couldn't get enough. I felt driven to undertake extra study during the week and practice practice practice.....but I got pretty good, even if I do say myself.

My passion for it has waned over the past 9 or so months, but I still take note of numerological connections.
It is funny that I have such a passion for numerology, because I am completely useless at Math, and I mean COMPLETELY useless at math. I have mentioned that my schooling was not ideal.
I actually grew up in a small rural town, it was the 70's and stuff was going down in the education department at the my Mum says anyway. Rural schools are often poorly staffed and resourced, as was the case with my school.
I was always in a mixed grade situation, the theory was, that lessons were taught to the older kids, but sometimes this didn't happen, and so what actually happened, was some years we were taught lessons of the grade above us, but some years not, the result for me, was an education with a lot of holes, my grasp on math being the most apparent.
And so, while I can be taught math, with a lot of hard work, I retain nothing of it. I simply don't have the basics to retain formula, my brain works best when I can pull out threads of meaning, to which I can apply it to other things. Math for me, is made up of single items that float around in my watery brain - I don't think that makes sense, but that is as good as I can explain it. My understanding of numbers through numerology, is completely different. The thread that I pull from my understanding of the numbers, is as though the numbers have a personality, they have character and react to certain things, in certain ways.
Anyway, I mention this, because I have two friends, who share a birthday today. Neither of these friends knows the other, and yet they have both been my best friends at particular stages in my life.
The first friend I have known for 23 years. We lived across the road from each other, and were best friends from the age of 10, until her family moved away when she was 15. We still keep in contact, though not as often as we should. She has two kids, her oldest, just so happens to be two days older than my oldest. When told her I was pregnant - she said, "hey, so am I!" It was weird to have shared so much of your awkward pre-teen/early teen years with someone, and to then to share the awkward fledgling motherhood status with that same person, it was...nice.
My other friend is my current best friend, born the exact same day as my childhood friend - same day, month and year.
We met at university as a couple of 22 year olds, in our first year. I was taking French 1A and medieval history with her. She was newly married and originally from The States. She was looking for a connection, and approached me for a chat after noticing I was wearing an engagement ring. I had just bought a house and was about to move into it, she was just about to sign off to buy a house, we were going to be a mere 10 minute drive from each other.
Our uni was about a 35 minute drive from our homes, so I offered to drive her to and from uni on the days that worked. We chatted a lot on those drives. I was often stunned at the personal probing her line of questioning would take, but we got to know each other well over that year, and we are now very close. She is coming to visit me in a couple of weeks, and I am VERY excited. She will be our first visitor since we have lived in Canada. I can't wait to show her around.
I thought it interesting that a pair of February 2nd 1974's had played such a strong presence in my life. I tend to have a lot of two's around me, I myself have a lot of two influence - two is the number of the feminine, the mother, the queen. She is the moon, she is intuitive, she is sensitive. Two is about balance and water. I also have noticed that I have many 7's around me. which, if you add up 2/2/1974 and break it down to a single digit, it becomes a 7. 7's are stubborn and so they are forced to gather their wisdom via personal experience (among other things). I must say this is true of the many 7's I know.
Anyway, to my two wonderful friends, you are both entering 4 personal years. It is going to be about hard work, laying foundations for the next phase in your lives, and cutting the dead wood from the past- the influences that are no longer important and that which has been out grown. Then you will have room enough and be ready to welcome in new growth and opportunity, and with that, I wish you both a very happy 33rd birthday.


shishyboo said...

wow now that sounds like an interesting hobby, did you study numerology before you moved to Canada?

going by my birthday, i think i am a 6 (20/1/1974)

i have a book that briefly covers some numerology, you've got me thinking... might go and have a look :-)

Heather said...

I have to admit when you first started numerology I was skeptical, but it amazes me everytime, how you can look at the pattern of your life, the ebb and flow, and how the numbers relate so closely.

Yes, cutting the deadwood... on my last birthday, one year ago today, I met someone who changed the direction of my life. Today, I sold my business... time for change and growth. Time for new beginnings and opportunities.

You are my truest friend. I can't wait until we are ninety-three looking back together on our wonderful lives. I know you will be there.

strauss said...

Yes I started numerology before I came to Canada. I have tried to find a similar course or interest group here, but have so far found nothing.

jeanie said...

I had a girlfriend whose boss was very much into numerology and taught all of her work team. M used it very successfully with the ponies!! I kid you not, she would put away $50 and turn it into the whitegoods for a whole house in 6 weeks judicious betting!!!

I also grew up with a 2 teacher school, although it worked well for me. There was a theory that only flunks or those re-entering the system got to be principals of such, and I got lucky with my yr 3-5 teacher. I had all primary maths covered by the time the next loser came along. I think I taught the younger kids to read for the next 2 years but have always loved maths - even do it for fun sometimes!