Saturday, 24 February 2007

wining, dining and SOME were pining

So, what HAVE I been doing all week?

Ok, I did manage to post once, albeit an overly depressing poem, which, if you must know, was in no way a reflection of the week I had been having. A poem needn't be about me, nor anyone I have seen in the past five years even. It may be an observation or even based on a memory. So never mind chaps, all is well over at The Brave; I seem to be better at tapping in to the depressing aspects of my feeble mind...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Like I said in a previous blog - my best friend came to visit me last week, and indeed Lauraine, "to have a best friend" truly IS one of "the greatest things in the world". We had so much fun. And laugh! Oh how we laughed. Much of what was exchanged is unrepeatable, both through choice and perhaps censorship laws, but never mind, we had fun.

I don't have many friends in this universe, but those who consider me so....well, I wouldn't trade them for anything. But a best friend, now that is someone special. A best friend can not be announced, such a friendship is established over time and through trials.

One's best friend is someone with whom you can be yourself 100%; someone you can entrust with your deepest fears and secrets, your pains and emotions and your wacko ideas. One can tell, ask or share anything with a best friend, and know that there might be laughter (sometimes unwelcome), perhaps tears, sometimes worry and occasionally frustration and even momentary lapses of anger accompanying that which is divulged... but there is never judgement.

I have missed all my friends from Australia so very much, but to have my best friend visit me in my new land, to see how my children have grown since we last saw each other; where life has taken me and the new life our family has built, and for her to know what I am referring to when I talk about the local landscape, well that is pretty special, and I thank her for going out of her way to visit my family and I.

My best friend currently resides in the sweltering centre of outback Australia, but is US born, with most of her immediate family living in Washington State. This week, after a wonderful time showing her some local Canadian sights, I had the privilege of driving my friend back to her Mum's house in the US.

It was a bit surreal that we were in Canada and the US together, which also caused some major eyebrow knitting at the border. One of the immigration guys just couldn't seem to wrap his head around the idea that the American was the resident of Australia, but the Australian was the resident of Canada and....WHAT THE HELL WERE WE DOING HERE TOGETHER ANYWAY?

We were asked how we knew each other, where we met, did we have men in our lives. Now people, do these questions sound relevant to national security? At no point were we asked if we were hauling drugs over the border, in possession of guns or harboring a family of illegals in the trunk. So, judging by the mirthful faces among the observing male US immigration personnel, it appears it is far more amusing, and important, to take bets on whether the two 30-something women travelling men-less, are lesbians, as opposed to devious evil-doers plotting to take-over the world. Anyway.....

I spent the night at the home of my friend's Mum and Step-Dad. I have met them before and they are always so very nice to me - wonderful people really, and very talented, the both of them. My friends Mum is a fabulous quilter and seamstress and her cooking is so good. I certainly didn't knock back some of her cookies to take on the drive back to Canada - Boy were they good!

And you should see J's woodwork - stunning! He made his lovely wife a gorgeous heart shaped candy box for valentines day - how sweet is that! He also makes beautifully sculptured jewellery boxes, in all kinds of interesting woods....I really appreciate that kind of thing, as my Dad is also into wood work. He also made the heart shaped basket pictured here. It collapses flat, so you can use it for setting down hot dishes and the like. He told me he had seen one once and simply "worked out" how to make one like it, in his own style. It was such a cool piece, and I was lucky enough that my friend bought me this one - (there better have been an exchange of money). Some people have all the talent - sheesh!

The other wonderful thing that happened on the trip was my meeting, for the first time, a friend of my best friend's family. I guess I met her first through blogger. Kathleen is just as lovely in person as she is over the Internet - if not, lovelier. I remember the first time I read her blog and commenting that it would be so great to be part of her family, since they sounded so dear to her, and for a moment yesterday, she made me feel that I was. It was so great to meet her and I hope to see her warm and cheerful face again.

It started to snow just as I was preparing to say my goodbyes to everyone. My desert dwelling friend stood huddled and shivering in PJ's and an overcoat, with a shower of glittering diamonds falling about her and tiny, glistening stars in her hair, "let this be your last image of me", she said. And with that befitting image frozen in mind, I hugged her, stepped into my car and left; chased all the way back to Canada by a clenched fist of black sky.

After a week of chatting with a much loved friend, meeting and catching up with great people, driving around like a tourist, shopping, wining and dining...I guess it is back to reality for me. Man I sure needed that! No wonder I feel SOOOOO much better.


shishyboo said...

Fantastic! glad you had a great time with your friend. catching up can be such a tonic for flagging spirits.

Kimberly said...

I spent the most part of my life without best friendship, and within the last few years I've found myself two. It defies description. The quality of my life now compared to that of a mere five years ago is so very different. Your post made me miss my friend DeDee so very much, and at the same time filled me with joy and gratitude for knowing her at all. Beautifully written. =)

Tracey said...

So eloquently written. I'm enraptured, as always, by the way you describe anything and everything in your life.

I'm glad you had such a fantastic week. And you are very lucky to have such a good friend. Sad to say I can't say I have the same, even though I do enjoy catching up with 'old friends'.

Kathleen said...

Let me say again what a great JOY it was to meet YOU in person! I will enjoy hearing that soft Aussie accent when I read your blogs. You are a delight, and we'd be happy to adopt you into our family! And don't have to wait til H is around before you come visit us again. I know Laurie would join in saying that we'd love to have you and the family come visit.
Best friends are one of God's greatest gifts....glad you got some time with yours.

Catherine said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. This was a beautiful post, and I'm left feeling quite jealous that you've had opportunity to meet a fellow blogger. But also terrifically happy for you, Strauss. :)