Wednesday, 28 February 2007

I walked all day...

I went for a walk today, with a friend and the kids. It was the PERFECT winter day in Canada, and I don't mean snow - I mean it had snowed in the mountains, but not where I was standing, and the sun was gleaming off the mountains exposing a panoramic sugar dusted picture-scape against blue sky - STUNNING.

The sun was out and the breeze must have been tucked up under a log somewhere I think, because on clear winter days like these, the wind-chill factor is normally enough to send anyone diving back under the bed clothes exclaiming - "let me know when it is spring".

We walked along the dike at Steveston in Richmond; old river houses, many of which had seen better days, creaked on water logged stilts, looking cramped, cold and uninviting. And yet, though in a largely dilapidated and abandoned looking state, surrounded by old logs, black and heavy, bobbing in the wake of a passing river barge, these old river houses had a beauty about them. I don't really know what it was, perhaps an energy that encapsulated and radiated a long and colourful history.

There were definitely a few stories in those dank walls and darkened windows, dull like dead eyes. In the windless air your could almost hear whisperings of the souls of departed tenants....houses seem to do that to me.

There was also something about the entire area'; the bare trees stretching for the seldom seen winter sun; a large letter box stuck high in a towering tree, acting as a makeshift bird house (I suspect); an abandoned train track leading to a modern day industrial building that had never in its life had a used for the old line; the lulling of the water lapping at the river bank. It was all so peaceful. I could have walked all day.

After that walk, we all went to a cafe, had coffee, and then went our separate ways.

The day was too lovely to spend indoors, so we took the dogs and walked around the block. My son rode his bike.

And to top it all off, the friend who I had walked with earlier, rang and urged me to go to my Nordic Walking group. I hadn't been since the flu and my slack old self was coming back to haunt. It is too easy for me to stay home. I feel so much better when I do venture out; so I was held accountable, and I am grateful for that.

The walking group was fantastic. I was dressed appropriately, unlike last time. I got so into it that I went into a zone. I could have run even (bit drastic).

I must have been a lot sicker last time than I thought, because I had none of the pinball kidney pain, like I experienced the last time and I could have walked longer. I am pumped for next week, and also for a repeat of today's weather.


Kathleen said...

Your descriptions are always so vivid, I feel like I'm walking with you. Someday I'd like to see your area.
We certainly haven't had that kind of weather here...and were greeted with snow this morning, with the promise of more to come. Winter lingers on.....
I've been neglecting my exercise something awful. Extra pounds are attaching themselves to my body, too. Last night I heard on the news that I'm suffering from the seasonal "Body Blues." Glad to have an excuse!

Waspgoddess said...

Did you take the photo on your walk? It's breathtakingly beautiful. But then that is B.C for you. Somehow I thought you were based in Alberta, don't ask me why.

Your words are so evocative, I agree with K that it was like walking with you. Keep up the Nordic Walking, it's brilliant!

NotSoSage said...

Oh, you're making me nostalgic for those beautiful mornings on the mainland.

Thanks for dropping by!

strauss said...

I only saw you last week Kathleen and you looked gorgeous to me.
Thank you all for the lovely comments.
We are back to grey skies this morning, it was nice while it lasted.
No I didn't take the photo, wish I had. I must remember to take my camera more often.

Tracey said...

You do make us feel like we are there seeing it all with you!

And I'd love to be doing that Nordic walking with you! Go you, for getting back to it. Proud of ya!

jeanie said...

Ah yes Kathleen - kilos come home to mama me too - and it is definitely because I don't walk fast (or often) enough!!

Mind you, its melt weather here just when you sit - it may not be as picturesque but backyard baseball may be as energetic as I can make it this afternoon!!!

Still, I always enjoy going on walks with you Strauss