Wednesday, 17 January 2007

The seemingly unforeseeable II

Chefs generally have the reputation of being pretentious, cranky, old primadonnas (apologies to all chefs reading this blog), but now I can understand why.....

They have a hundred things on the go; they are trying to keep it all together and create this wonderful master piece; one that their guests are simply going to rave about and extend a multitude of complements, all the while working with a staff, which always seems to consist of one, who just doesn't seem to understand the concept of teamwork, and consistently turns out to be an incompetent nitwit.

Mister and I embarked on the not so dramatic or demanding task of making a simple chocolate cake.

We assessed our pantry stocks carefully and determined that we had just enough ingredients for one cake.

We had never made this recipe before, but were confident that our combined expertise would result in a job well done.
I arranged all the ingredients we needed and measured them all out. Alex tipped them into the mixing bowl and stirred. I poured the completed batter into the lined cake tin, and Alex licked the spoon.

40 minutes later, we turned out the perfect chocolate cake - well risen, rich in colour, moist appearance, and the smell....divine. Magnifico!

While the cake cooled we found we could bear the sweet aroma no longer, so we retired our chefs hats, bundled up Missy Mopps, and went out for a run on the sport field next door.
Upon our return, we whipped up a batch of decadent chocolate icing and lavished the cake in glistening chocolaty sin - Perfecto!

The kids licked the spoon once more, but this time, they were required to do so in the kitchen, as a bit of a mess was made in the family room with the cake batter spoon.

I left the kids to it, and retreated from the room for about 5 minutes, comforted by the thought that the kids would be safely occupied for the next little while. However, this seemingly harmless assumption proved to be a fundamental error on my part.

Oh why was I unable to foresee the events that were about to unfold? Oh why had I not considered all the looming possibilities for disaster an iced cake, sitting defenceless all by itself could hold?

Upon my return to the room, I heard a cluttering sound coming from where the kids were standing only moments before, but they were both sitting quietly on the couch. A sense of panic began to stir in the pit of my stomach.

I rounded the corner, only to see Cobie, our eight year old Jack Russell, on top of the kitchen counter top, eating our marvellous creation!!!!!

Profanities were uttered at rather alarming decibels, but alas, it was too late. For only a handful of crumbly remnants remained. He had eaten the entire cake.

The doggy door was opened, and Cobie was indelicately booted outside. It was fastened to prevent his entry for a considerable time - he was in disgrace.

All in the household were bitterly disappointed that we would not be tasting the fruits of our labour. Everyone that is, except Cobie; for the time-out, the yelling and screaming, the silent treatment and the dirty looks, nothing, NOTHING... seem to wipe the look of contentment off that bloody dog's face.


shishyboo said...

oh man! how did the kids take it?

strauss said...

Disappointed, although not as disappointed as me - they had at least licked two bowls...I got nothing...damn dog.

Kathleen said...

Is the dog okay? Isn't chocolate supposed to be very dangerous for dogs??? Hope he's fine!

And really...sorry about the cake! Didn't Olivia do something like this?? Maybe you should try pie!

strauss said...

Yes she did. I keep forgetting to pull the chairs away from the counter afterwards. I am afraid for all the iced cakes I make now.
I know chocolate is bad for dogs, but he seems fine....what can you do?