Saturday, 27 January 2007

Dear Me Project

Misc Mum, has started an interesting little project that certainly provides food for thought The "Dear Me", Project.

Misc Mum writes:

Have you ever wished you could go back in time? That if you could, you'd warn yourself not to date that man, or wear that outfit or hairstyle? To look after yourself better? To be kinder to yourself or others? What did you learn from these experiences? What can others learn?
Or would you like to gush about your wedding day? A party? Your children? Spoil the surprise, naturally, but celebrate what's to come.
Well, here's your chance!

Check out the Dear Me Project link above, if you want the full run down.

I read about this project a few days ago and umm'ed and arr'ed about what I might say. Should I even mention anything? For truly, it is our experiences, good or bad, that ultimately shape us and give us wisdom.

As I started to write though, I thought, sometimes we are still that person re-living some historic trauma, only in the here and now, once years and sometimes decades have passed us by. These experiences just seem to cling to us like mucus to an infected lung.

In fact, such a letter is not all that ridiculous when you think about it. We do the time warp every single time we disallow ourselves to reach forward; take a good risk; put ourselves out there, because of some unfortunate event or set of circumstances, that happened eons ago.

Well, I need to let go of some stuff.

So if you are game, read the post below....

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