Friday, 26 January 2007

Happy Australia Day

Well, if we were in Australia, Australia Day would be over and done with by now, but here, it is still January 26th! Yay. Not that I feel in a very celebratory mood.

That niggly feeling in my throat, mentioned in the previous post, turned into an all out flu.

My husband took the day off, Wednesday, to look after me and our two sick kids. I figured I couldn't feel any worse than I did Wednesday. WRONG! I was a complete rite-off yesterday. I had to call my husband home from work, I was in such a bad way (oh the humiliation).

Once he was home I lay in a vegetative state till I got up this morning. I think I slept for a total of 15 hours yesterday; in between hacking my lungs up and alternate bouts of freezing and sweating with a fever - oh what fun.

I do feel slightly better today- perhaps 50%. I will try to get into the doctors office today.

Next year I am definitely getting us all the flu shot. I kind of regret not doing it this year. hmmmm.

Well, with that little drama aside. I thought I would post a little tribute to Australia Day with a funny video by Aussie comedian Adam Hills.

For years, perhaps decades, Australians have complained about the dreary music that accompanies the words to our National Anthem - Advance Australia Fair. Well Adam Hills has come up with this suggestion, which is sure to get a few laughs, if nothing else - Advance Australia Fair, to the rocking tune of Jimmy Barnes' (of Cold Chisel fame) Working Class Man. I can just imagine John Howard rockin' down to this one.

Happy Australia Day.


Heather said...

I think he has a point. :)

Thank you. That was great.

Happy Australia Day to you!

shishyboo said...

feel better soon possum

Kathleen said...

Love the song!! Sorry you are so sick!! Feel better soon. At least you'll be over it all by the time H arrives.

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

feel better soon. must be awful