Friday, 15 December 2006

Haircut from hell

I have been so busy that I haven't even told you about the hair cut I had recently.First the history lesson... I hadn't had a hair cut since November 2005. I think it stopped growing as well, either that or it became so dried and brittle that it simply snapped off.

Well I took the plunge and booked myself in on a Thursday night, so Ashley could watch the kids. I was a bit excited about it, because the hair thing had been a bit of a misery point for some time.

Not knowing any of the hair salons in town, I just had to try my luck with one and have faith. I guess I should have seen what was coming when I was told that "Tami" would be cutting my hair (no offense to the number of Tammys I know, but "Tami", who the hell calls themselves that)?

Anyway, the appointment time came and I was the last appointment before closing. "Tami" and her co-worker, a much older and disinterested gal were on shift that night. Tami was styling her sisters hair, and the "old bird" sat whinging and whining about wanting to go home, while pleading to God that no-one else come in requesting a trim before they could "get the hell out" of there.

For the first 15 minutes I waited and was ignored, which was making my blood boil. I had arrived early, the old duck could have got me set up while "Tami" finished yakking to her sister, instead of moaning and groaning while sitting on her lazy clacker. Of course I said nothing. Soon enough I would be at the mercy of "Tami" and her scissors, so I put up and shut up.

Finally when it was my turn, Tami asked me where I was from, "Australia" I replied. Oz-*#*!^)$'n-stralia!" snorted the old girl. I simply raised my eyebrows. I thought that was a bit rude.

After Tami washed my hair she directsed me to sit in the cutting chair with a wave of the finger and "ok Aussie, sit over there". I was floored by the disrespect, but the attitude was simply to prepare me for perhaps the worse haircut of all time.

She whizzed through it in 10 minutes flat, leaving once to take a call from her husband, telling him to come now to pick her up, because she would be out by 8pm. It was 5 minutes to....

True to her word, must give her that, she was out of there to meet hubby at 8pm ,and she certainly gave me no such guarantees of an acceptable hair cut. I am far too embarrassed to reveal my nasty do, so I thought these lovely ones in the pic were reasonable enough to wrap your laughing gear around. Not to leave you entirely in the lurk, I will give you two phrases that might inspire some visual imagery as to what the hair style might look like: Rough as guts, being one of them, and gnawed by rats, being the other.


Pendullum said...

That was a truly awful experience for you...
Livesup to her stupid Tami name..
II bet she still dots her'i 'at the end of her name with a happy face,,, if that is any consolation!!!

strauss said...

I think the 'i' was dotted with a heart - oh God!