Friday, 29 December 2006

fly on the wall

Amusing utterances heard in the "warming house" at the George Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary....

- 9 year old girl says- "Look Mommy, there's an orange legged butt diver" - (a.k.a Mallard Duck)

- 6 year old girl says - "Mommy, I love you more than all the people I don't know and some stuff"... the reply..."errr, gee....thanks!"

-6 year old girl asks..."Mommy, why have they stuck an X to all the windows?"...the reply..."so the windows don't fall out in a hurricane, honey"....and the counter reply by the 9 year old sibling..."I think it is so the birds don't fly into them". (I haven't heard of too many hurricanes occurring in Vancouver).

- mother #1 commenting on the items in her picnic basket ..."the things I brought are all unhealthy". Mother #2 -"well I have packed oranges and dried fruit and sandwiches. My kids don't eat many of those snack foods "....priceless child response after surveying mother's healthy lunch..."Yuck".

-Mother#1 "Do you like Shari's haircut"? Mother #2 "Yeah it is nice. Melanie is growing hers and it is soooo gorgeous and shiny. Its because we mix flax oil into our breakfast juice"...priceless innocent child response "then why isn't your hair nice like mine?"

-"The back garden only has one door....The back garden only has ONE door....The BACK GARDEN ONLY HAS ONE DOOR!" (increasingly pnicked ramblings of a man seen attempting to exit the park while wading through a slew of hungry ducks...I didn't get it either!).


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Catherine said...

I have taken to carrying a mini-notebook in my pocket at all times because I SO enjoy being a fly on the wall. I need the notebook because I'm terrible at remembering this kind of stuff with such beautiful detail. :)