Wednesday, 6 December 2006

The Brave - Anew

So here we are....face to face for the first time. Well, this is awkward...standing here in the spotlight in front of this crowd - lovely crowd too, I might add. I have kept a private blog for a couple of years now and through the gentle encouragement of well-meaning, kind friends and folk, I am now flouncing about on the international stage, least I am making a shaky kneed attempt at flouncing. Regardless, I am taking the giant leap out of my safe, dark and rather confined private cyber-sanctuary, to gather my first impressions of the world beyond, and in the midst of this sea of unfamiliar faces, I can assure you, it sure is roomy out here.
So why the sudden change? Why burden humanity with the burnt offerings of my feeble mind, not to mention blind editting faux pas' (dear me)? I don't know really...I guess I felt it was time....time to take a risk - Fortune does Favour The I am sure you are all too well aware.
So what is this blog about? Themes, hmmm.... I don't care too much for themes. People provide me with my greatest inspirations and I love to write about the insights people give me whenever I allow myself to open and observe the surrounding world. I also love nature - I have often found a multitude of metaphorical answers to many a heart pain whenever I have casually placed the burden of my soul on the alter of the observable natural world...if you get my drift!!! No? Oh well. This is my poor attempt at introducing myself. To look deep into the future, or even to simply scour the horizon of next week to suggest some of the things I might favour to write about, is almost impossible, for one never really knows where inspiration might lie. So bear with me - we might both be surprised.

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Muse said...

Indeed I am surprised. This is wonderful. I love that... 'the burnt offerings of your feeble mind.' heh heh. I don't agree, but that was very poetic. :)

Let it begin!